July 22, 2024
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July 22, 2024
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Rabbi Jonathan Gewirtz

Articles by Rabbi Jonathan Gewirtz

Saw You at Sinai

I’ve heard that some time before one’s bar or bat mitzvah, they’ve seen their bashert at least once. I’m not sure of the source of

Bagfuls of Life

The Mishna says, “Who is wise? He who learns from all people.” The idea is that if you are looking for knowledge, you can find

Putting Things Into Focus

One Friday night, my wife laughed at me. Now, before you get defensive for either of us, let me say it wasn’t a bad kind

Off the Hook

Have you ever been in trouble and then somehow you managed to extricate yourself? In American slang, you’ve gotten “off the hook.” The origins of

Writing Your Bio

When you’re a famous person like me, though I’m not as famous as, say, a food blogger, the guy who sells yo u shoes for

Turn Corona Around

I have been trying to avoid writing about corona, as it seems to have become a political hot button. But, since that’s really part of

Story of My Life

We all love stories, and storytelling is an important part of human existence. Stories make us feel and experience things we may not otherwise get

Don’t Break the Chain

I like to think I’m a sensitive person. When I hear someone is having trouble it bothers me. When I see an ambulance I say

All Torn Up

One thing that never sat well with me was the idea of bribing children to do good things. Prizes for brushing your teeth, mitzvah notes

Ads Well That Ends Well

Advertising is important because it enables people to hear about your business if you have one, helps you locate a business if you need one

The Evolution of Hacking

I hope that even though I’ve mentioned evolution you will continue to read. I mean, I don’t believe in the standard theory of evolution but

Final Words, Last Laughs

This artice is written In loving memory of Kalman Moshe ben Reuven Avigdor, z”l. Quite often in an argument, people will try to have the