July 20, 2024
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July 20, 2024
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Linking Northern and Central NJ, Bronx, Manhattan, Westchester and CT

Shayna B.

Articles by Shayna B.

Internet Issues

Dear Shayna B., I am getting cyber bullied. Someone is emailing me cruel emails. Please advise. Chat Master Dear Chat Master, If their email has

Friends Forever? I Hope So!

Hi Shayna, A while ago I was at a bat mitzvah and my parents were talking to these other parents. These other parents were talking

 Growing Up Is Hard to Do

Hey Shayna, All of my friends are maturing faster than I am. They constantly talk about growing up; because I’m not growing as fast as

No Pictures Please!

Dear Shayna B., I recently went to a party and my friends started posting videos of me and putting them online. I was really upset

Practice Makes Perfect

Dear Shayna B., I am so clumsy. I drop things, knock things over, and trip everywhere I go. It’s embarrassing and I’m afraid I’ll be

Safety First!

Dear Shayna B., I am a huge fan (we read your advice at the Shabbat table each week!) and I am in dire need of

I Drool Over Middle School

Dear Shayna B., We’re all really sad that we’re graduating from middle school soon, and we’ll miss each other. We worry we won’t talk to

In Spite of the Invite

Dear Shayna B., I love your articles and trust your advice. So here’s my question: I am having a bat mitzvah soon and my parents

Hocus Pocus Make Me Focus

Dear Shayna B., Since school started I’ve been having a hard time focusing in class. Honestly, class is really boring for me. I really want