December 4, 2023
December 4, 2023

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Shayna B.

Articles by Shayna B.

Overprotective Parents

Dear Shayna, I feel like I am old enough to walk to my friends’ houses by myself. My parents disagree. They want to walk me

Chore Bore No More!

Dear Shayna B., My problem happens all year, but is especially upsetting in the summer when I’m supposed to be having fun. It’s … chores!

Fun in the Sun

Dear Shayna B., I know it sounds silly, but I really need your advice. Now that it’s summer, I have nothing to do and I

Plant One Tree, Not 1,000

Dear Shayna B., My mom really likes to garden, and I am so so so sick of it. Practically everything on our agenda for summer

I Need More Homework

Dear Shayna B., I get home from school and sometimes don’t have much homework. This sounds good, but the problem is then I get bored

Practice Makes Perfect

Dear Shayna B., I am having trouble in school. I don’t always get the best grades and my parents get mad at me. I want

 Little Big Things

Dear Shayna B., I am nervous. Not about anything worth worrying, just in general. If I have nothing to worry about, I’ll just make up