May 24, 2024
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May 24, 2024
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Teddy Weinberger

Articles by Teddy Weinberger

A Surprise Promotion

On Monday night, Dec. 11, before the candle lighting ceremony at a Chanukah event for families at my son Elie’s base near Shilo in the

Chanukah and American Citizenship

On November 16, my Israeli grandsons Noam (5) and Lavi (2) became American citizens. Coming just three weeks before Chanukah, this family milestone serves as

From Melamed to Menahel: Rabbi Motti Simpson

Remember Rabbi Motti Simpson, aka “The Melamed’”? Last year’s column on Rav Motti described a passionate, dedicated elementary-school teacher, but one who was increasingly frustrated

Democratic Rallies

There were two massive political rallies in Israel on Sunday July 23, a day before the final vote on the bill to abolish the “reasonableness

Thanksgiving at Its Most Basic

In Memory of Dr. Karen Weingarten, z”l. When you go around your Thanksgiving table, chances are that no one will say: “I am thankful for

After the Holidays

The “after the holidays” period begins this year on Wednesday October 19. My friend and teacher Rabbi Lior Engelman sees significance in the fact that

Ma’ayanot in Israel

On a recent Friday afternoon, Elie and his family were at a ma’ayan with their friends. Such outings are routine in the summer months all

Twenty-Five Years in Israel

On July 29, our family will celebrate 25 years in Israel. I want to use this quarter-century anniversary column to correct three of my own

Reserve Duty on the Golan Heights

My son-in-law, Nofar Shay, 32, is a Company Commander in the Reserves. This winter, he served four weeks on the Golan Heights, patrolling Israel’s borders

Shabbat Rest in Israel

If Shabbat is Israel’s national weekly day for rest and relaxation, does it mean that all Israelis to some extent observe Shabbat? In thinking about