May 26, 2024
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May 26, 2024
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Yair Daar

Yair Daar is the director of Student Life at Bicultural Hebrew Academy High School. He can be reached at [email protected]

Articles by Yair Daar

Four Blank Lines

As the calendar turned from October to November, that meant one thing for the School for Torah Understanding and Middot, of Philadelphia, shabbaton season had

Active Faith

As the last game of the season drew to a close, Coach Newfield called Kayla over. “Kayla, I am impressed by the improvement you have

All or Something

The moment that Jake had been waiting for arrived. However, he couldn’t bring himself to click on the email. What if he was wait-listed? Worse,

Blind Spots

As her class settled into their seats, Dr. Wiesen started distributing the study guide for her latest American history test. The test was the second

Keep Working

The school year was wrapping up, which didn’t normally mean basketball tryouts. The league didn’t have a summer season, so why not wait until the

The Right Way to Atone

“What are you doing tomorrow?” Annie asked her best friend, Marlee. “I don’t have any plans, do you want to go to the mall or

Making Space

Being the new kid in school is not easy. But sometimes, it can be even harder to be the kid who befriends the new kid

A Humbling Lesson

Pesach had finally come to the Moon. That’s right, Extravagant Caterers was hosting the first-ever Five Star, Glatt Kosher, Heimish, Mehadrin Min HaMehadrin Min HaMehadrin

Start With Why

“What kind of project is this?” “How am I going to get thirteen peacock feathers?” “Has Mr. Tresser lost his mind?” “Does anyone have a

No Surprises, Please

Planning a surprise party is a risky project. Besides keeping the party a secret, those planning the party have to know the Guest of Honor

Don’t Tell Me to Chill

They say dogs are “man’s best friend.” In our case, it was a “girl’s best friend.” Yakira and Louie (I’ll leave it to you to