December 11, 2023
December 11, 2023

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B-Seed: Helping Investors Grow Financially With Israeli Innovation

(Courtesy of B-Seed) Hardly a day goes by without news of an Israeli company being bought by a multinational corporation. Buyout records keep rising, as corporations turn to Israeli innovators for new technology. Names like Waze, Mobileye, NeuroDerm and Orbotech are just a few of the many buyouts that turned Israeli investors into multimillionaires. With over 300 multinationals operating R&D centers in Israel, companies such as Amazon, Apple, Google, HP, IBM, INTEL, Microsoft, Samsung and Sony have discovered the reasons for doing research in Israel.

Israel’s “startup nation” mentality has created an atmosphere that has become fertile ground for successful startups. By using their “Yiddishe Kop,” B-Seed, an investment company based in Israel, has found ways to invest in the early stages of these companies, even before they start raising money for the series A round of venture capital financing.

With so many startups, how do they select the ones that maximize the return on investment? Their team analyzes the new technology to determine the potential, while their investment group does the due diligence. Together, they make a recommendation to Eli and the B-Seed board on which early-stage startups they feel would most likely grow the financial investments of investors.

The company is run by Eliezer Gross, an erlich yid from Petach Tikvah, Israel. Eli says, “I believe that my successes have only been because of Siyata Dishmaya. I always felt that I had a guiding hand helping me in my decisions. I owe a debt of gratitude to the Ribbono Shel Olam for enabling me to help others grow financially.” Eli authored two books describing his business adventures and attributing all of the outcomes—funny, sad, frustrating and sometimes bizarre—to Siyata Dishmaya.

Eli built a team of seasoned experts from the fields of IT, engineering, biotechnology and manufacturing and is backed by partners such as Dr. Ilan Cohn and Abraham Roth from well-known patent and accounting firms. With offices in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem and a third in New York, B-Seed is in a unique position to navigate the startup playing field and quickly identify the best early-stage technologies.

Investors interested in early-stage technologies in Israel can learn more about B-Seed at If that piques your interest, you can delve deeper by attending the National Investment Banking Association (NIBA) conference at the Crowne Plaza Times Square in New York City on Oct. 31-Nov. 1.

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