October 3, 2023
October 3, 2023

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Bake for Brachot at Shomrei Torah

Fair Lawn women making babka.

On Sunday Sept. 10, Fair Lawn’s Shomrei Torah Sisterhood organized a meaningful, fun and special event for the ladies of the community, Bake for Brachot, an evening of babka baking and tehillim for community members.

Led by Shomrei Torah’s Rebbeztin Dr. Sara Markowitz, every three women had a huge bowl of dough and was able to make a bracha of hafrashat challah. The names of cholim in the Bergen County neighborhoods were read and davened for their refuah. It was asked of the women to give away one of the two babkas made that evening to someone who may need a “pick me up” and that anonymous deliveries could be made.

This is all in the vein of the theme of Shomrei Torah’s sisters of building a “kesher” among community members. Fair Lawn women followed directions and the recipe with the help of Markowitz and two of her daughters in making the famous Markowitz babka. Remarks by revered Rebbetzin Shevy Yudin regarding the importance and strength that tehillim can make had an impression on all who attended. Tehillim was said as a klal. A fun and meaningful night was enjoyed by all who attended. May all the cholim have a refuah shelaima.


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