June 20, 2024
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June 20, 2024
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Basya Kovacs: Nutritional Coaching One Cookie at a Time

“Can a cookie change your life?” asked Basya Kovacs. Well, if you know anything about Kovacs then you’ll know that the answer is a resounding yes!

Basya Kovacs, a transformation coach, has been empowering clients to develop eating habits for years, and in the last year, she has launched her own practice, BKCoaching, where she carefully guides clients on how to overcome their struggles with food and provides them with the right tools to feel their best from the inside out.

Food struggles cannot be resolved with diets, Kovacs explained. “Strict diets are doomed to fail from the start because the intention is to follow them until a goal has been reached or the dieter has lost interest or motivation. Diets encourage doing something temporarily instead of something normal and permanent that is needed for the course of a lifetime for balanced eating.”

Kovacs believes that even the most generous diets can make people feel restricted and has figured out a way to help people practice “normal.” Because if a dieter hasn’t been practicing “normal” with their eating, then it becomes a challenge to not only maintain the weight loss, but also to keep it off.

She has cultivated a unique and effective system that does not leave her clients feeling hungry, or even deprived, so that they can immediately begin working on the emotional component. “I end the cycle. I call it a peaceful pathway to permanent weight loss.” Kovacs begins the process by laying out a framework and structure for balanced eating and from there, together with her clients, delves into their emotional mindset to unpack the larger issues that are typically at work when it comes to food struggles.

“When I lay out that framework for my clients that has balance and structure for them, one of two things happens. Either they begin to eat normally and begin to lose excess weight. Or very quickly we discover that if a balanced framework is not working for them, it’s usually because there is something deeper going on and it allows us to hone in very quickly on what it is, and we can start the work to resolve it.”

“Many people come to me with food-related struggles, but when we go into the deeper issues behind these struggles, we discover that the food has simply become a symptom. Over the years I have found that if someone does not do the deeper work to uncover what’s really going on, then no diet or weight-loss regimen will ever work for them and a diet will never provide the right solution.

“When we tap into the ‘why’ of things, then it becomes bigger than the number, and then the journey itself becomes powerful and gives the process more meaning.”

“When change is slow, many people tend to quit,” she said, and it’s a pattern that Kovacs sees very often. She explains that certain mindsets are detrimental to long-term success, like “black and white thinking” or the “perfectionist mindset” and works with her clients to tackle those issues by guiding them on how to develop patience, resilience and persistence. She wants her clients to understand and internalize that real change does not happen overnight. She also helps her clients with other common themes such as communication and relationship struggles, boundary setting and emotional regulation.

Kovacs helps clients create a vision of what they want for themselves and why they want it and puts a lot of emphasis on self-care and self-worth. “Many times people get stuck on the number on the scale, but it’s important to know why someone wants to lose that weight.” Oftentimes, common themes come up during coaching sessions and uncover past negative experiences of clients struggling to care for themselves.

“I see people become courageous. I see people find their value and their worth, and I see people daily as they build their confidence and change not just their relationship with food but change who they are and how they are actually transforming.”

A spiritualist, Kovacs helps inspire her clients so they can begin to accept and even embrace their challenges. She says that people begin to see such challenges as opportunities that allow them to change, grow and become their best selves. “A lot of amazing work can be done with emotional regulation. By attaching meaning and growth to our struggles there is a lot of healing that can happen.”

For those people who have used injections for weight loss, Kovacs’ approach just might be the ideal path for them once they are post-treatment. “There’s always going to be that pull towards that new quick fix but, at some point, for that fix to remain sustainable, the inner work needs to happen…it’s about empowering and transforming a person inside and out.”

Kovacs is also the purveyor of BKSnacking, a new line of delicious snacks that are actually good for you, high fiber, high protein, portion controlled, and all natural. They also happen to be gluten-free and are the perfect way to help support you along a healthy journey. The line consists of three cookies—yes, cookies!—that are balanced with a perfect blend of healthy carbs, 100% whole grain oats, healthy fats, coconut oil and healthy sweeteners. It’s no wonder the tag line for these cookies is “The snack that loves you back.”

To find out where you can get your hands on these delectable yet healthy treats visit www.bksnacking.com

To learn more about how Basya Kovacs can lead you on a journey to your best, healthy self visit www.bkcoaching.com or call 347-938-9113.

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