June 2, 2024
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June 2, 2024
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Beautiful, Modest Fashion Has a Home at The ADdress

In the heart of the American Dream Mall, The ADdress is a department store for Jewish women, and women of all faiths and backgrounds, who know that beauty can be even more alluring when clothing both flatters and modestly covers one’s figure. There are over 30 brands in the store, each with its own section. There’s plenty of room to move through the wide aisles and browse, and a large, spacious fitting room to try on clothes.

The Address has a wide variety of styles for all demographics at different price points. It’s a one-stop-shopping approach with Shabbat and simcha wear, everyday work and casual clothes, wardrobe staples, fun and trendy styles, and children’s wear. Accessories like jewelry, shoes, art and gifts are sprinkled throughout the store.

New merchandise will be appearing frequently. Some brands will be adding to their collection every other week and many will make a large “drop” before holidays like Passover and the Yomim Tovim. Exciting new pop-up shops will make appearances. There will be a Phase II in the near future which will include bridal wear and home goods.

Fashion inspiration begins with the Trend Shop, a display in the middle of the store. The curated mix of pieces is meant to spark ideas about how to put outfits together from different brands. The styles change about every two weeks. The staff is trained to be knowledgeable about all departments and can help guide customers. For specific suggestions, personal shoppers are available, currently on an ad hoc basis and soon by appointment.

Since opening on February 14, The ADdress has become a destination for people from Bergen County, Passaic, Lakewood and Monsey. With the recent opening of Bravo Pizza, and other kosher options in the mall, couples can have a date night on Motzei Shabbat when the store is open from 8 p.m. to midnight, and families can enjoy Family Fun Day on Sundays, from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m., with four shows for children. A fully stocked ArtScroll section has cookbooks, children’s books, fiction, nonfiction and seforim. Men can learn while the women in their lives shop.

Shoppers are loving the mix at The ADdress. Channa Fischer, The Link’s digital editor, bought some graphic sweatshirts and denim skirts from Udel, two matching skirt-and-top sets from Orly, another skirt set from By Tess, a blouse from Apparalel and a black pencil skirt from Pea Bee + Jae. “I loved everything there; it’s gorgeous and affordable,” she said. “There are some higher-end pieces I would look at if I had a simcha. Online shopping is convenient, but it’s a hassle to return. It’s nice to try things on.” She also bought a book for her almost 1-year-old daughter.

Fischer visited The Address with a friend who bought a leather-bound siddur for her husband and took advantage of ArtScroll’s on-site engraving. On one of several trips I made to The ADdress, I bought a two-piece outfit from Apparalel, Shabbat makeup from 7th Day Shine and several sleeveless and three-quarter-sleeve shells from Pea Bee + Jae for my daughter. A friend who came with me bought a dress from ivee. A shopper I met at Byrd said she loves that this brand has a little of everything, from something basic to an elegant outfit for an engagement party, and everything is modest and beautiful.

There really is something for everyone at The ADdress.


Meet the Brands at The ADdress

On opening day, many of the brands’ founders were at The ADdress to meet customers. I talked to several owners about their collections and approach to design.

Chanie Koplowitz owns the clothing stores Monarch in Monsey and Flair in Passaic, but she is in The ADdress with her own label, ivee. which she described as “a fun, fashion-forward label that makes dresses, skirts, tops, two-piece sets, denims and t-shirts for teens and women, very well priced.” She began the label about eight years ago. “I was struggling to find tznius clothing at modest prices. I sewed a dress for myself and saw how easy and fast it was for me to do, and decided I could do it at the manufacturing level so others could enjoy my designs as well.”

Impact Fashion has a range of modest clothing available in sizes 2-24 by Rivky Itzkowitz. She learned to sew at age 10 and has been interested in fashion for as long as she can remember. She took classes throughout her teen years and in seminary apprenticed with someone who made bridal wear and gowns. Itzkowitz started Impact Fashion in 2016, first selling wholesale to stores and then only online, in order to be closer to her customers. Her focus is on producing a well-constructed garment. “To fit properly, it has to be sewn properly,” she said. When she decided to use a manufacturer in order to grow, she chose one in New York so she could be confident the manufacturer understood her vision and she could oversee the production.

Itzkowitz feels strongly about making fashion for women of all shapes; her garments are sized from 2-24. She is very excited to be at The ADdress, where she can meet her customers and other brand owners. “It’s huge to see all these brands started by frum women in one place,” she said enthusiastically. “It makes me proud to dress modestly and see modest fashion the way it’s presented in Saks and Nordstrom.”

Chaya Malka has always been interested in fashion and turned that passion into Malka Majesty Gowns. She began by renting gowns and got so much feedback about how hard it was for women to find modest gowns that she took the plunge to create her own line. She is showing summery, light colors in blues, pinks and golds, with lots of detailing. She loves the feminine look of lace, tulle and chiffon.

Tzippy Waltner came to fashion by way of finance. She wanted to make clothing that was beautiful and modest and started her company, Byrd, in 2016. She made clothing for private clients and then expanded into a full line of production. She has a studio in Brooklyn but The ADdress is her first brick-and-mortar location. “I love making functional pieces that you style up or down,” she said. “Start at 9 a.m., then change shoes and go out to dinner.”

B7active is a London brand, started by Batsheva Netzer, a nutritionist, during COVID so she could be comfortable running and exercising outside while still being tzniut. I spoke to her husband, Chaim, who told me that she worked with a design and production team to create skirts, tops, leggings and caps to sell online. She met The ADdress team in Miami, who asked her to be one of their brands and she said ‘yes, of course.’ This is her first brick-and-mortar presence in America.

7th Day Shine sells makeup that is halachically approved to apply on Shabbat. “Some people hear ‘Shabbos makeup’ and think it’s makeup that has to be applied before Shabbos,” said Bracha Lourie, founder of the company. This is makeup you can apply on Shabbos.” All 7th Day Shine makeup products have been tested and approved by Rabbi Yehuda Kelemer according to the guidelines of HaRav Moshe Feinstein. There’s also an educational aspect to Shabbos makeup that Bracha teaches customers. “It’s not only the products but how you apply them that make them OK for Shabbos.” Lourie has been a makeup artist for 20 years and found that many women struggle with how to use makeup for Shabbos. She developed and tested her products before finding a manufacturer and selling online and wholesale. A knowledgeable makeup artist is always available at The ADdress to explain how to choose and apply the products.

Aurelie Burdego began Noa Jewelry in 2019 and named it after her new baby daughter, Noa. A nurse by training, she wanted to make a career change and always loved jewelry and fashion. Her earnings, necklaces, rings and bracelets are in a category she calls Demi-Fine Jewelry. “This is a bridge between fine jewelry and fashion jewelry,” she explained. “We use the identical quality to fine jewelry in craftsmanship and design, but it is more affordable; it’s dipped in 18-karat gold and hypoallergenic.” Noa Jewelry has several collections including waterproof jewelry that can be worn in the shower, at the beach or in the pool. The ADdress is Noa Jewelry’s first retail location.

Look to Project6NYkids when you want gorgeous accessories for your real-life little doll. Chaya Rockford began designing pretty hair accessories for children with her sister 10 years ago and now heads the brand. “I design with the child in mind but also the mom,” she said. She makes ribbons, clips, bows and bands in a wide variety of colors and styles for every day and all occasions. Her designs are sold online and wholesale to retail stores. This is her first stand-alone location.

With over 30 brands at The ADdress, there many owners I didn’t have a chance to meet. If you have a collection at The ADdress and would like Jewish Link readers to know more about you, please contact me: [email protected]. I write about fashion every month and would love to spotlight you in an upcoming issue.

By Bracha Schwartz

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