June 14, 2024
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June 14, 2024
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Benefits of an AMRAP Workout

In this week’s fitness article, we discuss the AMRAP-style workout. I first discovered the AMRAP from Crossfit, where I have been a member for three years now. As a personal trainer, I have enjoyed bringing this fitness formula into the homes and gyms of my private clients and found it to be very efficient, motivating, and effective!

AMRAP means “as many rounds/reps as possible.” You are typically given anywhere from two to six exercises to cycle through, in from two to 20 minutes. The idea is to keep this workout at a high intensity within a limited time.

The main reason AMRAP is so awesome is because everyone from all fitness levels can do the same workout at their own pace. While one person may finish with three rounds in 15 minutes, someone else can do five. The interesting part is it doesn’t necessarily mean one worked harder than the other. It could mean that they worked at the same intensity but their fitness levels are different. The AMRAP workout really is for everyone!

Your score is the number of rounds plus any reps you get within the allotted time frame. This is helpful because if you ever wanted to track your improvements, such as in endurance and strength, you can. Feel free to revisit the AMRAP that’s below to try and improve your score!

I have found this routine to be perfect for those short on time or mentally struggling with feeling uncomfortable pushing themselves during workouts. It’s also a much easier method to tracking your growth. It can motivate people to put in that extra work and fight a little harder to improve themselves each and every time.

How many rounds and reps will you complete in 15 minutes?!

*Please warm up prior to this AMRAP. Also, if you have health issues or are pregnant, please consult a doctor before doing this routine.*


5 burpees

10 squats

15 reverse lunges

20 plank shoulder taps

30 mountain climbers

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Proper Form Instructions



Reverse lunges

Plank shoulder taps

Mountain climbers

By Tamar Hersko

 Tamar Hersko is a certified personal trainer. You can find her training both privately and at Underground Training in Tenafly, NJ. She is well known for her infamous ‘Girl Gang Bootcamp’. Its a women only class which takes place every Sunday morning, at Maxability sports and CrossFit in Teaneck, where she also helps coach ‘MAXkids’ fitness class for ages 6-10. You can follow her on Instagram and Facebook @dirty_old_t. Please feel free to reach out to her via e-mail at [email protected].


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