June 25, 2024
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June 25, 2024
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Brand New Recipes From Veteran Cookbook Author

(Courtesy of Artscroll) Highlighting: “Marblespoon at Home” by Vera Newman. Mesorah Publications Ltd. 2023. Hardcover. 332 pages. ISBN-13: 978-1422638286.

In “Marblespoon at Home,” bestselling author Vera Newman—whose thousands of fans turn to her for bold, unique and family-friendly meal ideas—shares a brand new collection of recipes you will absolutely love, and best of all, they are easy to make, with ingredients that you already have in your home.

In classic Vera style, these always-practical and unfussy recipes for weekday and holiday meals are geared for busy people. Easy, quick and absolutely delicious—that’s the Marblespoon recipe!

The following is a conversation with Newman about her fantastic new cookbook.


Amazing—this gorgeous new cookbook is full of “low effort, high reward” recipes. What does that mean to a busy cook, and how do you go about developing recipes that meet this promise?

For me a “low effort, high reward” recipe needs to meet the following criteria:

No fancy equipment needed

Uses a few pantry staple ingredients

Quick to make

Lots of flavor


Most recipes in my book follow that criteria because that’s what works for me and my lifestyle. I don’t have the time to spend hours in the kitchen every day. Supper needs to be on the table in under an hour from start to finish. I create recipes for people just like me: busy mothers living in a fast-paced world, juggling so much while still trying to feed our families delicious and nourishing meals.

Tell us about the stunning tablescapes that begin each chapter.

I’ve always had an eye, taste and appreciation for beautiful things. I remember when I was in high school, my mom was a part of this weekly shiur with a large group of ladies, and they all took turns hosting. We lived in Panama, and that means a 12-foot table full to the brim with delicacies and mini desserts and delicate pastries and gorgeous, colorful salads and fancy mini sandwiches, all served on the fanciest china. I’m sure you can picture what that table looked like. My mom would let me skip school to set the beautiful table with her. When I started having children, I would make them the cutest birthday parties, full of fancy details and delicious food. Later on, I became a party planner to fuel that passion. I want every single picture in the chapter dividers to inspire my readers and let them feast their eyes with beauty.

Tough question: What are some of your favorite recipes?

I would say my favorite chapter is the “Weeknight Suppers” chapter because I end up making those recipes the most often and they are all so yummy and practical. But if I had to pick a favorite recipe it would have to be meatball noodle soup or the summer burger bowl.

Purchase “Marblespoon at Home” at https://www.artscroll.com or at your local Jewish bookstore.

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