June 14, 2024
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June 14, 2024
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Breakthrough: DigestLiveTM, the All- Natural Digestive Relief for Females

(Courtesy of DigestLiveTM) Orly Bussu is a busy mother and an energetic religious lawyer. She frequently travels overseas.

Orly has witnessed how running a busy life across two continents, combined with an intense mommy life, brings stress to the female body. And to the sensitive digestive system.

When a woman is in discomfort, it brings negativity to the entire household.

No over-the-counter laxative does an adequate job.

Orly was on a mission to change this.

Who knew that a friendly chat on an overseas plane ride would be the catalyst for the next chapter in Orly’s life?

Orly met with Dr. Zohara-Yaniv Bachrach. She is an experienced researcher and a Columbia University-trained plant biochemist. Dr. Bachrach agreed with her that there was a desperate need for a better all-natural way to alleviate the discomfort that travel and work have on a woman’s life.

Expert OB/GYNs and gastroenterologists joined the two in a quest for creating a first-of-its-kind solution for a rarely-spoken-about problem.

They were clear about the problem: To increase awareness that female constipation exists.

The woman’s life cycle has a set of causes that affect female constipation. Statistically, for every man suffering from constipation, there are three suffering women.

Hormonal fluctuations are the most common causes of female constipation.

“Constipation is a symptom. It is a subjective sensation related to the patient’s physiology,” explained Prof. Marc. Beer-Gabel MD. “A woman’s genetic makeup is more sensitive. Her general physiology is influenced by her emotions.”

There was no product on the market geared specifically for women that addressed these issues.

Thus, DigestLiveTM was created, the first and only herbal-based laxative formulated specifically for women and teen-aged girls.

DigestLiveTM’s ingredients don’t just relax and reset the bowels. They soothe the heart and calm the mind. They address the entire woman as the holistic whole that she is, tending to all parts of a woman’s intricate, complex and overlapping systems at once.

DigestLiveTM is composed of 100% natural ingredients. (Ashwagandha, anyone?) Their origin, and the precise dosage per capsule, are what make the magic.

Women can choose to take DigestLiveTM once a month, or as needed.

They feel the instant relief of much more than no constipation. It isn’t a one-time Band-Aid that is just slapped on a problem. It is a long-term release from a bigger issue.

With bottles on the shelves in local health stores, DigestLiveTM is selling the old-fashioned way.

Mothers, sisters, daughters and friends are the satisfied whisperers of the natural “magic” of DigestLiveTM.

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