Sunday, August 14, 2022

Haberman Jewelers, established in 1917, is a family run business that specializes in custom made diamond jewelry. Wayne Haberman, a third generation jeweler, is continuing his father and grandfather’s legacy by providing top quality service and exquisite one of a kind pieces. For over 100 years, families have turned to Haberman Jewelers, knowing that they will get exactly what they want.

At Haberman Jewelers, expert model makers create original pieces specific to a client’s request. They can also take a diamond that you own and design something completely new and different. “We do whatever we can to turn a client’s inspiration into a reality,” said Haberman.

Buying a diamond is a big deal and Haberman wants his clients to be completely happy with their purchase. “I am only happy when the client is happy,” he said and added that he is always willing to take back something that doesn’t meet a client’s satisfaction.

A people person, Haberman enjoys meeting new customers and wants to make their experience as pleasant as possible. Clients are invited to meet him at his office on Fifth avenue or he will happily come to you. Because each piece is original and significant to the buyer, he tries to obtain an idea of exactly what they want. “Sometimes they come with photos and other times they require some creative help, either way, I aim to please and enjoy getting to know my customers in the process,” he said.

The Haberman name represents premier quality and unparalleled customer service. When buying jewelry, people want someone trustworthy who they can rely on, said Haberman, who like his father and grandfather has always placed honesty and integrity at the forefront of his business.

Haberman enjoys what he does and admits he is a sentimental type of guy who believes jewelry, and diamonds in particular, are an expression of romance and dedication.

In addition to diamond related jewelry, Haberman Jewelers buys any unwanted gold jewelry, currently at a historically high rate. All estimates are free with no obligation to sell.

Wayne Haberman lives in Teaneck with his wife Naomi and their four kids. He can be reached at 212-944-2544 or 917-299-0568 or by email at [email protected].

By Andrea Nissel


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