Friday, March 31, 2023

For years, many in our community knew that when they needed to purchase a piece of jewelry or a new watch, get a watch battery changed or get an appraisal on something they owned, they could simply head over to Jewelry by Vincent at 842 River Road in New Milford and know that their needs would be easily met. With Vincent finally deciding it was time to retire and relocate to Vermont, he was concerned about finding the best replacement for his business. When he met Ryan Cooper and Steve Zahterian, good friends since childhood, he felt confident that this sale would enable his customers to continue to be well taken care of. The name Jewelry by Vincent will be maintained until next summer, when the name R and R will take its place.

Cooper has worked security for years at the Teaneck Jewish Center and at Heichal HaTorah. He befriended many of the students and formed a warm relationship with Rabbi Aryeh Stechler. In fact, the mezuzah at the entrance to the store was affixed by Rabbi Stechler, now a close friend.

Cooper and Zahterian are the owners of a large diamond manufacturing company where they are designing and making large pieces of jewelry that are being purchased by individuals as far away as the Middle East and Dubai. They are able to create any jewelry design the customer desires, and can obtain any luxury watch their customers seek within just a few days.
They have become experts in watch restoration and jewelry appraisals. Their appraisals are embossed with their logo, which is well respected by insurance companies and guaranteed.

During Cooper’s interview with The Jewish Link, a customer entered the store with a Cartier watch that needed repairs. She had been told by another jeweler that it would cost a minimum of $600. After speaking with her and checking the watch, Cooper was able to fix it for $190. One very happy customer left the store with a promise to return together with her friends.

Cooper explained that he traveled throughout Europe in order to become a master watchmaker and even received a certificate from the Federation de l’Industrie Horlogere Suisse.

Both Cooper and Zahterian look forward to connecting with members of the community and want to assure you that all of your concerns will be met with the same kindness and warmth that was extended to you in the past. They are hoping to become welcome and trusted members of the community and are offering special discounts to first responders and service workers such as police officers, fire fighters, health care workers and members of the armed forces. They cannot wait to welcome you to their store and will take the time to answer all of your questions and address any concerns. Satisfying their customers is their goal.

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