Friday, June 09, 2023

Your photos are more than great memories; they are beautiful images you can turn into art for your home. A layout of your favorite photos on canvas, metal or acrylic will look fabulous on your living room or bedroom wall when it is designed and executed by Photo Art. This is high- end art, not like the products you get at the corner drugstore or from an online photo factory.

Sam Jacobs has been in the photo business for 10 years. He understands the importance of color and knows how to enhance colors for a superior look. “I know colors,” said Jacobs. “I can tell you which colors are missing and which need to be added. The picture will be sharp and clear.” He oversees a team of designers who will arrange your photos artistically according to the best design principles.

The Photo Art staff can help you choose the right material for your photos. Want a bright and showy clean-cut look? Go with acrylic. Bold and eye-catching? That’s metal. Is your bedroom the destination? Then you may want the soft look of canvas. “The right material depends on the pictures and colors,” said Jacobs. “Some colors look best on a particular type of background.”

It’s easy to work with Photo Art. Send in the measurement of the wall where you want to place your photo art and the size of your photo project. Standard sizes are between 8-by-10 inches and 24-by-36 inches but Photo Art also makes smaller and larger custom sizes. If you aren’t sure which photos in your collection are the best, you can send a group to Photo Art and they’ll help you make a selection.

Photo Art designers can also do basic editing like cropping and make small Photoshop adjustments. They will sketch out the layout and send it to you for approval. After you confirm and choose the material, the project is printed and shipped to your door.

Photo Art also works with companies, schools, shuls and nonprofits to make exquisite acrylic plaques. One customer requested 100 plaques for donors which gave Jacobs the idea to offer the service to others.

Call, text or WhatsApp Photo Art at 845.293.3412, or email [email protected] to discuss your project and get an estimate. Do you know someone who loves photos? Ask about purchasing a Photo Art gift certificate.

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