July 18, 2024
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July 18, 2024
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Buttons, Buttons, and More

It seems that buttons are a major part of our lives.  Either they fall off a shirt and we need to sew them on or we are looking for a button to match up to a dress or what have you.  Here are some practical tips for you as well as some fun ones for all those buttons!!!

When you get extra buttons from the manufacturer, take them, put them in a small bag and label them with a description of  outfit they come from and put them into a special shoebox just for that purpose. That way when you need to replace the button, you will know exactly where it is and what piece of clothing it is from.

To help find the end of your tape roll, which always seems to be a major problem, just simply stick a button on it.  As you use the tape, keep moving the button.

Sew a button to each end of a drawstring to keep it from pulling through the casing.

Before throwing away old clothing, remove the buttons. Keep them in a button collection glass jar to add to your sewing room décor and to help you find a needed button quickly.

Sew buttons on the cuffs of children’s gloves so they can button them onto their coats for safekeeping.

You can substitute buttons for lost markers in any board game.

Keep track of pierced earrings by fastening them through the holes of buttons. This is

an excellent way to color coordinate your earring collection.

Glue a pair of pretty buttons on earring backs (found in your craft or jewelry supply store).  Or you can glue a special button on a stickpin.  No one will know that you started out with a button and you will get many compliments!!

Glue a button onto the bottom of a wobbly table to level the leg to keep from moving.

Take a very inexpensive hat and glue or sew on fancy buttons.  This will completely change the look and add much pizzazz.

To easily sew a coat or suit button on, try this:  Slip a round toothpick or tines of a fork between the button and the fabric.  Sew the button on over the toothpick or tine.  Remove the toothpick or tine and wrap the remaining thread around the thread holding the button, forming a post.  This creates some play in the button and won’t pop off.

To keep matching buttons together, simply stick them to a strip of cellophane tape. Cover with a second strip of tape.  Snip off buttons as needed.

When using a button in the traditional way, sew on with dental floss or nylon fishing thread.  This will keep the button very secure.

Cut buttons for doll clothing out of a plastic lid by using a paper punch, then poke holes for the thread with a hot needle.

You can take an old outdated pocketbook and jazz it up by gluing on some glitzy buttons. This will make the pocketbook look like a million dollars!!!

Take a plain picture frame and glue on different kinds of buttons all around it.  It will add color and fun to the picture as well as the frame. This would be a fun birthday party project as well.

Invest in button covers.  They will completely change the look of an existing outfit.  Or you can take off buttons from a dress or suit and put fancier ones on. You would be amazed at how different the clothing will appear.  Buttons really can make a statement if you coordinate them well.

If you put clear nail polish on your buttons, this will keep them from loosening up.

To keep those four-hole buttons on longer, simply sew through only two holes at a time, breaking the thread and knotting it for each pair of holes. This way, if one set breaks loose, the other side will still hold the button.

Make sure the dry cleaners wrap your fancy buttons with foil before cleaning the garment to protect it.

Buttons, you gotta love ‘em as we can’t live without them.

Gail Hochman resides in Fair Lawn and is the mother of three children who’ve blessed her with many grandchildren.

By Gail Hochman

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