December 7, 2023
December 7, 2023

Linking Northern and Central NJ, Bronx, Manhattan, Westchester and CT

Part II

Last year, around Chanukah time, I wrote about how I got involved in collecting wigs for a very important and much-needed sheitel gemach, otherwise known as the “Sheitel Shuffle.” I was sitting at a Shabbat table last year, and a friend of mine connected me with Staci Segal, otherwise known as the “Sheitel Fairy Godmother.” Staci’s mission has become collecting wigs to give out to Orthodox women in need of new wigs. I would like to update you, and thank all my readers, as well as our fabulous, generous community, who have kindly donated several sheitels over this past year.

Since writing this article, many of my clients have brought me bags of wigs. Together, the client and I sift through each wig and decide which ones will work for the client, once given a wig makeover (a fresh color and cut) and which ones will no longer work for them, but can be beneficial for someone else. Many of the wigs are in good condition and just no longer suit the client, but can be beneficial to someone else in need. For convenience, we have set up a gemach box at Sari’s Wigs, located in Teaneck, which, when full, is sent to the Sheitel Shuffle for distribution. Once delivered to the Sheitel Shuffle, every sheitel is washed and set by a volunteer, (usually Staci’s daughter, who also does wigs professionally) so that every recipient who leaves feels extra special about themselves, which is the Sheital’s Shuffle’s number one goal!

Throughout the year, Staci sends me texts that she receives from happy and grateful recipients. Her gemach has spread and become so big, that she is now shipping these donated wigs all over the United States. I love waking up in the morning and receiving Staci’s texts, knowing that we did a mitzvah and helped another woman in need feel beautiful. Many of her recipients are orphaned kallahs, widows and other women with challenges and hardships. Staci and her recipients are so appreciative to my clients who have donated, and they want to send a big thank you to all who have been a part of this special mitzvah. Recently, Staci texted me, “Sari, thank you for all you do… it is so special to be able to make a woman going through some difficult times feel good about themselves. Please let your clients know that their pieces are being put to good use.” Baruch Hashem, I am blessed with a wonderful clientele that are so happy to generously donate, knowing that their unused sheitels are truly making so many women feel special and happy. I thank Hashem and my generous clients for allowing me to be the “Sheitel Shadchan,” connecting those women with unused sheitels with women who will use and appreciate them.

As a thank you to all those who donate a wig to the “Sheitel Shuffle,” from now until January 4, Sari’s Wigs will give $150 off a new sheitel. (Not to be combined with any other promotional offers.) To donate a sheitel please text or call Sari’s Wigs at (201)694-5319.

Sari Friedbauer is the owner of Sari’s Wigs. She is a licensed hairstylist and certified wig maker. She is available for consults and can be reached via text at 201-694-5319. Please follow her @sariswigs

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