May 20, 2024
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May 20, 2024
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CarYay! Is Here for All Your Auto Leasing and Purchasing Needs

Aryeh Moskowitz in the Ferrari 308 as a teen.

Established more than 20 years ago by community member Aryeh Moskowitz, CarYay!, an auto leasing and sales company, consistently assists its clients by identifying and providing cars that match their preferences. The business serves people looking to acquire vehicles, either bought or leased, and partners with them throughout the entire process, including delivery. As a reliable and accessible business, CarYay! attracts many customers within the tri-state area and beyond, and has proven to be a valuable choice for those searching for their ideal car.

Always intrigued by the auto industry, Aryeh planned for a career related to cars. Growing up in Silver Spring, Maryland, he began washing neighbors’ cars as a summer job when he was 13 years old, and by 16, when he got his drivers’ license, he quickly immersed himself further in the car industry. Aryeh began going with his friend’s uncle, a car dealer, to a few car auctions, where he ultimately bought and sold his first car. His love for cars continued to grow throughout his teenage years; Aryeh still remembers his first ride in a Ferrari 308, and appreciates the motivation those times gave him to pursue his current profession.

Aryeh Moskowitz and his daughter Meira.

Aryeh later attended Yeshiva University, where he studied both business and psychology. Upon graduation, he was not yet familiar with leasing companies, as they were fairly new in the 90s, and therefore did not start out his career working in the auto industry. Eventually, his wife’s cousin introduced him to the car broker/leasing world. Astonished by the possibility of being able to create a business in the auto industry, he started his own business in 2002. Today, Aryeh and his entire family enjoy all things car-related, including reading about cars, going to race tracks and driving schools, and buying and selling exotic cars.

Aryeh channeled his original passion for cars into the success of his business. His service goes beyond merely acquiring a car for someone. It is rooted in being able to first acknowledge each person’s unique situation. When a customer comes in, he and his team quickly determine what their need is. Is their child about to get their license? Do they need the car to commute to work? Is it more beneficial to lease or to buy? Most important to Aryeh is that the employees at CarYay! genuinely enjoy the help they can provide, and get creative with viable solutions that meet each clients’ needs.

Exotic car show at Camp HASC.

Additionally, CarYay! is widely known for its delivery drivers being exemplary, and maintaining a fair and responsive delivery practice. With the ever-changing market, lease returns have high value, and the company aims to ensure the client gets the best end of the deal. Additionally, CarYay! owns a used car lot and offers the best possible trade-in values for car owners.

As CarYay! is well known in our community, they prioritize engaging with its members. Aryeh was inspired by his daughter, who has special needs, to organize exotic car events at various camps. He brought flocks of beautiful cars to Camp Simcha, Camp HASC and iShine, to allow the campers to enjoy, observe and ride in the vehicles. He encourages, “If anyone knows of someone with special needs who would enjoy a ride in an exotic car, we’d love to accommodate that.”

The exotic car show at iShine.

Aryeh elaborated: “At CarYay!, we are driven by our passion for automobiles and a deep-seated commitment to helping individuals and businesses find their perfect vehicular match. Being an auto leasing and sales company that has stood the test of time, with over 20 years in the industry, we understand that selecting a car isn’t just about getting from one place to another; it’s about finding a vehicle that complements and enhances your lifestyle.

“Our work, to us, is more than a mere profession; it’s an exciting journey where we get to play ‘car shadchan.’ We take immense pride in our ability to match individuals with vehicles that cater to their unique needs, taking into consideration crucial factors such as safety, cost, comfort and overall value.”

For more information, contact the CarYay! team at 201-836-4600 or email [email protected]. To visit the website or receive the weekly newsletter, scan the QR codes below.

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