April 8, 2024
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April 8, 2024
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Divrei Torah

You Shall Not Steal WHAT?

“You shall not steal,” the eighth commandment cautions us in the biblical Book of Exodus (20:13). And so, implemented in most civilized societies, most people

KI Tavo: Showing Appreciation

The recitation that accompanies the bringing of the first fruits (Bikkurim) in the times of the Temple, from the seven species of the Land of

“Anarchy or Utopia?”

Who would you consult if you wanted to know a thing or two about the perfect society? Would you ask a politician? A professor of

Rationality, Not Rationale

The most frustrating conversations are with those with whom we have deep fundamental disagreements. If conducted in the right spirit, without personal animus and with

Discipline and Suffering

As a parent, grandparent and psychologist, I am often considered to be something of an expert on parenting and child rearing. In that capacity, I

Kiruv in Riga

A few months ago,my wife and I went, under the auspices of Shvut Ami, the Russian outreach organization, to visit our brothers and sisters still

It’s On the Tip of My Tongue

It’s no coincidence that one of the strongest muscles in the human body your tongue. While you might have to exercise to keep your heart

Parshat Eikev

One cannot help but pity iron. Compared to its “flashier” cousins, gold, silver, and copper, it appears dull and plain. In Tanach, its treatment gets

A Zaidie Writes to a Rebbe

The following letter was given to JLBCto print because its author, a frum Jew, believes we must monitor and be fully aware of some of

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