November 28, 2023
November 28, 2023

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Celebrate Graduation With Fun Tips From Papaya Events

For graduates, the celebration of the event may be almost as important as the event itself. Graduation includes not just receiving a diploma, but the party to mark it as well. Raphi Heimowitz, event coordinator at Papaya Events, offers some recommendations for the amateur party coordinators to throw a great graduation-themed event.

“A graduation party, like any other event, starts with some of the same basic ideas,” advised Heimowitz. “Whenever someone does a themed party, whether it’s graduation or any other idea, you start by looking at visuals that are associated with that theme.” For a graduation party, this could be something as obvious and overtly graduation themed as a cap and gown centerpiece, or food items constructed as caps or tassel decor. It can even be a decorated piece with the year of graduation. At the same time, if a school has its own colors, or a sports team and school mascot, these items can serve as the visual tie-in. Using decor, plates, cups and other tableware in recognizable school colors gives everyone a feel that the event is directly tied to the school milestone.

Heimowitz suggests using available displays as inspiration, too. Obviously Pinterest is a first stop for any do-it-yourself party event. But he also suggests utilizing the creativity of party stores. “A quick walk through the graduation aisle of a store can help with ideas,” he noted, referring to the abundance of graduation party goods in stores throughout the area. The items are ready made and perfect for parties, or will inspire more creativity for those looking to make their own projects.

Another party decorating tip that can be adapted for the graduation party is to attach signage to the outside of a vase or other vessel to carry the theme throughout the pieces. Photo booths are always a hit, and graduation accessories add to the fun there, too.

Hopefully these tips are a starting point for anyone looking to throw a graduation bash—whether for themselves, their friends or their children. Congratulations to all the graduates!

By Jenny Gans


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