February 24, 2024
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February 24, 2024
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Chavi Friedland Scours the Internet for Fashion Finds

A “Fashion in a Flash” blog about what to wear to a winter wedding.

Clothes shopping, as many know, isn’t easy. Shop at the mall for variety and get overwhelmed with the choices. Open a device from your comfortable couch and have an uncomfortable time getting lost in the labyrinth we know as the internet. What’s the best way to shop for clothes and how do you even know what to try or buy?

Chavi Friedland has made a career out of knowing where and how to shop. While some might find shopping a chore, Friedland has always loved the experience. In the past, she went to the malls and became knowledgeable about fashion brands and how they look on different body types. “I have a good eye,” she said. “I can see someone and I know what will look good on them.” Once her kids got a little older, she turned her skill into business.

Friedland has a weekly blog called “Fashion in a Flash,” in which she discusses a fashion style and compares some choices. This week she looks at the best workout clothing. She also includes the “Flash Four,” four great styles she has chosen for their look, price or both, and includes links to where they can be purchased.

Women who want a more curated experience come to Friedland with requests for specific pieces. She will find anything from a special occasion dress to a new wardrobe. And she also knows how to find sales. “I know which websites will have better prices or more unique choices,” the fashion maven said. “Sometimes I’ll see a dress at a department store that I know a customer will like but they’re out of her size. I can often find it at a boutique or on a website.” She sends links to her clients for the outfits she finds and says she’s at least 90% sure they will be what the client is looking for. “Most of my work is for repeat customers so I get to know what they want and what looks good,” said Friedland. “Sometimes I’ll see an amazing dress in one size on sale at a great price and I’ll have a client in mind.” While she has clients from all demographics, women who are not comfortable navigating the internet are especially thrilled with her expertise.

A recent “Flash Four” featured coats.

With her knowledge of stores, brands and styles, Friedland has some tips for how to find the right clothes. First rule of thumb: You may love it in the photo, or on the rack, but if it doesn’t fit correctly, it’s not for you. “My mantra is fit above all.”

As a rule, Friedland says dresses that are well-made fit better. She advises having fewer pieces but better ones, and think of them as investments. Then there is the style. “A full top and full bottom will look too big. If you wear a full skirt, keep the top narrow. You must be balanced. Unless you are very thin, avoid bulky fabric. Simple lines of flowy fabric are flattering for most people.”

Asked about trends, Friedland sees updated preppy, Ralph Lauren-style clothing coming back, but with a twist. “Wear a preppy sweater with pleated skirt but with sneakers,” she advised.

She loves mixing dressy and casual styles together. Pair a white blouse with rhinestones and a denim skirt. A shirt dress, usually a casual style, looks great in a dressy fabric.

Gray is back in style, said Friedland, which is good for this writer because I have a lot of gray and didn’t know it was out for a while. Reds and burgundies are popular.

For simcha wear, you can’t go wrong with a black dress, though you can add a little pizazz with a gold shoe. Floral prints are especially popular with girls. Women are wearing florals too, but generally with smaller prints.

We’re in the middle of winter, when boots or booties are necessary. Tall brown boots go with anything, but booties should match the stockings/legging. Friedland doesn’t like the look of cream shoes with black pantyhose. Try cream ribbed socks instead.

Winter is also a good time for sales, and sometimes Friedland will buy something for future wear if it’s a great item at a great price. “When I see things for a good price I buy them,” she said. “If you wait until you really need something, you’ll end up paying a lot more.”

Visit https://fashioninaflash.com/ for more about Chavi Friedland, the Fashion in a Flash blog, Flash Four picks and Friedland’s curated personal shopping service.

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