September 21, 2023
September 21, 2023

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Coby Mandel Entertainment Offers Affordable DJ Services

Coby Mandel Entertainment (CME), a DJ service created and helmed by 17-year-old Bergenfield native Coby Mandel, is now offering affordable DJing for weddings, bar and bat mitzvahs, and other simchas. Coby is a student at TABC, and CME’s services come with a full set-up, including sound systems, lighting and quality musical renditions.

Coby has been a passionate fan of music since a young age, and he is excited to share his love for it in the form he most enjoys. Coby’s musical influences cover a wide assortment of genres, including EDM, pop and Jewish music. He studied music independently prior to creating CME.

Speaking with The Jewish Link, Coby discussed CME’s origins. “When I was in eighth grade, I fell off a 20-foot wall. I was really hurt and shattered my ankle. I was a big basketball player at the time, and since I wasn’t able to play anymore, I decided to work on some of my other hobbies. I was really able to practice and develop myself as a performer during that time, and [CME] was created from it. I feel like I’ve really grown as a result, and I’m proud of what it has become.”

While performing, Coby shares his renditions of popular Jewish music and current Top 40 hits if requested. He can also hire motivators to perform with him and keep the crowd going. One of his motivators is Sarah Shafron, who never fails to liven up a crowd. Behind his DJ booth, you’ll often find a wide grin on his face as he watches the crowd dancing and singing along to the music.

“I love watching people getting into [the music],” Coby commented. “There’s no greater feeling than knowing that you are doing something that is making a large group of people happy. It’s a big thing for me, and as long as I can keep making people happy, I’ll keep doing it as long as I can. I’ve been having a blast so far.”

One of the biggest draws to CME for customers is its affordability. This was a key factor when Coby first created the business, and it’s something he is committed to preserving moving forward.

“My goal was to have the best music for the most affordable prices,” Coby shared. “There are lots of DJ businesses around, but what I noticed with a lot of them is they can also be pretty expensive. For me, I wanted to take the best of both—the best music with the best prices—and combine them into one. I’ve done my best to do so with CME.”

Coby noted that while he is young to be performing, he is also very aware of what a crowd, regardless of age, is interested in. Reading a crowd’s mood is a key aspect of DJing, and Coby said he has developed a strong knack for it.

He offered some advice for other teens looking to follow their passions, noting that the most important thing is learning from failures.

“My advice is to find ways to keep yourself motivated,” Coby remarked. “You can always learn something from a failure, and with lots of practise you will start to improve. And that goes for any hobby or passion; it doesn’t just have to be DJing. If you put in hard work, with time you’ll see results.”

Coby Mandel Entertainment is currently accepting bookings. If you have any questions, email Coby at [email protected], or check out and follow his Instagram page at

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