July 21, 2024
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July 21, 2024
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Linking Northern and Central NJ, Bronx, Manhattan, Westchester and CT


Thursday, December 18th

Community Wide Chanukah Youth Event 6:30PM – 8:00PM Congregation Keter Torah  600 Roemer Avenue

Featuring the Chicago Boyz Acrobatic Team. $10 per person ($50 family max)  Candle lighting, singing and tasty Chanukah treats.

ErevShabbat, December 19th

Tisch  8:00PM  Congregation RInat Yisrael 389 W Englewood Ave  Featuring Rabbi Dr Abraham Twersky

Scholar in Residence  Congreation Shaarei Orah, 1425 Essex Road Teaneck

Rabbi Dr Yigal Tsaidi will join the Sephardic Synagogue of Teaneck.  The Rabbi will speak four times over Shabbat.

Erev Shabbat D’var Torah 4:30PM, “How Yosef brought G d with him to Egypt – the common denominator between the Greeks and the Egyptians:  Oneg Shabbat 8:00PM, “The Main Differences between the Jews and the Greeks,  Shabbat morning 10-:30AM  “The Full Story of Yosef and his Brothers – Why did Yosef not send an email to his father that he is alive?” and Shabbat at Mincha 3”55PM  Pilpul B’Halacha – “What is the Essence of Mehadrin min HaMehadrin” The famous dispute between Rambam, Tosafot, Shulchan Aruch and the Rama? Whom do we follow today?

Monday, December 22nd

Annual Mesibah  6:30PM – 8:30PM  sponsored by Heichal HaTorah and the Jewish Center of Teaneck  70 Sterling Place Teaneck

All boys 5th grade and up.  Divrei Torah, music and food, the mesibah will feature an interactive program, “The Live Game Show,” with prizes.  Parents are welcome to accompany their sons.

“The Great Debate Over the Great Sanhedrin”   11:00 AM Young Israel of Ft Lee  1610 Parker Avenue Fort Lee

Rabbi Zev Goldberg  Lecture is Free and Open to the Public

Making Sense of the Senses: Annual Lecture Series given by Rabbi Shalom Baum    8:30PM  Congregation Keter Torah  600 Roemer Ave

Welcome to the Garden of ( Eden) The Doghouse: Judaism’s Place for Wine, Spirits, and the 5 Napkin Burger

Thursday, December 25th

MA’AYANOT ANNUAL DAY OF STUDY in the Liberal Arts and Sciences   9:30AM- 12:30PM     December 25th  1650 Palisade Avenue

The program will begin with a keynote address by Dr. Julie Goldstein, Chair of Ma’ayanot’s Jewish History Department, on the topic Isaac’s Ashes: The Startling Representation of Children in Jewish Culture. The keynote address will be followed by sessions on advanced topics in the liberal arts and sciences taught by members of the Ma’ayanot faculty, including:

Mrs. Enid Goldberg (English) & Mrs. Leah Herzog (Tanakh)Fathers, Daughters, and the Issue of Kingship in King Lear and the Book of SamuelMs. Sarah Gordon (Talmud)Pro-Slavery Rabbis? Rabbinic Debates from the Civil WarMrs. Mel Kapustin (Jewish History)Jewish Attitudes Towards Secular Studies Throughout the AgesMrs. Gila Stein (Science Chair)Real Life CSI: The Science of How Crimes are Actually SolvedMrs. Merav Tal-Timen (Hebrew Chair)Beginning, End, and what’s in Between: Age and the Perception of Time Ms. Devorah Wolf (Talmud) Foreignness and Kindness: Megillat Rut and Shakespeare’s Othello


Lubavitch on the Palisades   Open House Pre-K and Elementary  11 Harold St Tenafly  RSVP [email protected]

Erev Shabbat and Shabbat  Dec 26th and 27th

Scholar in Residence  Congregation Keter Torah, 600 Roemer Avenue Teaneck

Join Rabbi Elimelech Goldberg, the Rabbi Emeritus of the Young Israel of Southfield, Founding and Director of Kids Kicking Cancer, Clinical Assistant Professor, Department of Pediatrics at Wayne State University and one of this year’s top 10 CNN Heroes.  He will be speaking at all minyanim and details will follow.

Motzei Shabbat December 27th

Installation of Rabbi Binyamin Y Krohn    8:00PM   Young Israel of Teaneck

868 Perry Lane Teaneck  Dessert Reception to Follow

Annual Panoply Night  8:00PM  Congregation Beth Aaron 950 Queen Anne Road

Cost 25.00 per person sign online at 222.bethaaron.org/event/4ty-annualpanoply

Rabbi Eli Mansour       Congregation Keter Torah 600 Roemer Avenue Teaneck

A public lecture to mark the first yartzeit of Ted Mirkhani z”l,

Sunday, December 28th

Trip to Big Apple Circus – Shake It Up a social group for Adults 18+ a division of Yachad  11:00AM – 3:45PM

Transportation provided. Snacks Included  Cost $20.00 RSVP by Thursday, December 4th  Reva Judas [email protected] 201 833 1349

Monday, December 29th

“The Maimonidean Controversy”    11:00AM  Young Israel of Ft lee 1610 Parker Avenue Ft Lee  Rabbi Jacob Reiner  Open to the Public


Serving Our Creator With a Healthy Mind and Body Lecture Series  8:30PM  Congregation Beth Aaron  950 Queen Anne Rd

Rabbi Larry Rothwachs “Torah Living for the OCD, Anxiety Disordered or Struggling Addict”

Motzei Shabbat  Jan 3

Jewish Learning Experience Annual Dinner 7:45PM  Temple Beth Shalom 40-25 Fair Lawn Ave  Fairlawn

Honoring Ken Goffstein and featuring musical entertainment by Pay Dalid.

Sunday, January 4th

JESC Breakfast  9:30AM  Congregation Keter Torah  600 Roemer Ave Teaneck

Honoring Shirley and Solomon Bitton and Dena and Moshe Kinderlehrer

Contact Esther Schwab 201 262 1090  [email protected]


TABC 32nd  Annual   Dinner Dinner   6:00PM – 9:00PM  Congregation Keter Torah  600 Roemer Avenue  Teaneck

Honoring Lianne and Etiel Forman. Norman Blumenthal and Etan Bluman. Reservations and donations can be made at http://www.tabc.org/dinner

Monday, January 5th

Serving Our Creator With a Healthy Mind and Body Lecture Series  8:30PM  Congregation Beth Aaron  950 Queen Anne Rd

Rabbi Larry Rothwachs “Eating Disorders in the Jewish Community: Prevention, Detection and Treatment”

Sunday, January 11th

Rosenbaum Yeshiva of North Jersey 77th Annual Dinner  6:00PM  Congregatio Keter Torah, 600 Roemer Avenue.  Guests of Honor, Israel and Cindy Wiesel and Keter Shev Tov awardees, David and Shira Greenberg. For further information and/or reservations  call 201 986 1414 or www.RYNJ.org/dinner

Monday, January 12th

Serving Our Creator With a Healthy Mind and Body Lecture Series  8:30PM  Congregation Beth Aaron  950 Queen Anne Rd

Rabbi Larry Rothwachs “Genetic Testing and Preventive Medical Intervention in Halacha and Hashkafa”

February 2

Serving Our Creator With a Healthy Mind and Body Lecture Series  8:30PM  Congregation Beth Aaron  950 Queen Anne Rd

Rabbi Larry Rothwachs “Shemirat Shabbat vs Shemirat ha-Nefesh:Health Management and Medical Treatment on Shabbat”

Sunday, February 22

Congregation Beth Aaron Annual Dinner  5:00PM

Honoring Arlene and Arthur Eis as well as Youth Leaders Erica and Jason David.

Motzei Shabbat  March 7th

Netivot Shalom Annual Dinner  8:00PM  Fairlawn Jewish Center 10-10 Norma Ave Fairlawn

Honoring Leah and Alex Moskovits with the Sema Heller Memorial Award and Fred Schulman with a Service Award

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