Monday, March 27, 2023

(Courtesy of Ma’ayanot) Ma’ayanot and its students are growing, thriving and flourishing. With record enrollment, inspirational Torah learning, outstanding academics, dozens of co-curricular opportunities, dedicated faculty and staff, a beautiful expanded facility and strong connections to the broader community, Ma’ayanot is excited to celebrate and to look ahead to continued success. On March 22, Ma’ayanot will celebrate and show appreciation to dedicated parents Yisroel and Shira Hochberg and Michal Kaufman Gulko (‘01), and devoted educators Rabbi Zev Prince and Reyce Krause, all of whom have greatly contributed to Ma’ayanot’s success.

Nedivat Lev awardees Yisroel and Shira Hochberg, parents of Ora (‘20) and Miri (‘24) have shown their dedication and commitment to Ma’ayanot. Shira serves on Ma’ayanot’s Executive Committee as the assistant financial secretary, and sits on the Governance and Nominating Committee. She has also served on the Head of School Search Committee, Covid Reopening Committee, Dinner Planning Committee, and is an active member of the Parent Council. Yisroel served on the Capital Campaign Committee for Ma’ayanot’s recent expansion. Miri Hochberg explained, “My parents always give back to the community. Whether it is schools, shuls, or chesed organizations, they always seek to help out. Their enthusiasm for Ma’ayanot has inspired me, and they have instilled in me their passion for giving back.”

The Hochbergs expressed that they are “extremely appreciative to Ma’ayanot for our daughters’ outstanding education, and for affording them so many opportunities for religious and personal growth outside the classroom. The school exudes a welcoming and warm environment in which every student is valued and appreciated. The administration and teachers are outstanding educators and role models of how to lead a Torah life that incorporates an openness to and appreciation for the world around us.”

Michal Kaufman Gulko, a 2001 Ma’ayanot graduate and mother of Nessa (‘25), will be honored with the Amudei Ma’ayanot Alumna Leadership Award. She described her “amazing experiences” as a student at Ma’ayanot, which “teaches women to grow into themselves and have a voice. My daughter, too, feels empowered to make change.” Kaufman Gulko took part in Ma’ayanot’s Alumnae Reserve Board, joined the Board of Trustees in 2017, and serves on the Executive Committee as the chair of the Engagement and Development team. As an educational counselor for her other alma mater, MIT, she has interviewed Ma’ayanot students for admission into the university. “Service to Ma’ayanot makes an impact on future generations, since Ma’ayanot is incubating talent and leaders for the Jewish community,” Kaufman Gulko concluded.

Reyce Krause, a treasured faculty member since 2008, will be honored with the Faculty Excellence Award. Krause pioneered Ma’ayanot’s STEAM courses and has spent countless hours researching the best resources and learning opportunities. Her compassion and care for her students help every student in her class feel cherished and supported. Sophomore Shani Lauer said, “I am fortunate to have had Mrs. Krause introduce me to the world of STEAM. She is hands-on, patient, and always willing to give time to help students.”

Krause said, “I love teaching STEAM and watching our students building circuits, coding, 3D-printing, and going through the design process in creating devices for children with special needs, a key component of our 10th grade curriculum. There is always a level of excitement and accomplishment in the Makerspace!” Head of School CB Neugroschl said, “Mrs. Krause is the model of a teacher learner and a teacher leader. Her dedication to STEAM is matched only by her dedication to her students, and she’s shown that a Ma’ayanot education impacts our students, our community, and well beyond!”

Rabbi Zev Prince will be honored with the Distinguished Leadership Award. As Assistant Principal for Co-Curricular life, and Talmud and Halacha rebbe for 15 years, Rabbi Prince “has brought heart and soul to Ma’ayanot inside and outside the classroom,” said Neugroschl, “cultivating personal growth, student leadership, and a holistic education for all Ma’ayanot students.” Junior Batsheva Ratner praised Rabbi Prince’s pedagogy and warmth, “He always makes us feel heard and connected to the class. He is always smiling—you can tell he gets a lot of joy from teaching and everything else he does for the school.”

Rabbi Prince said, “I love working in Ma’ayanot, a dynamic environment where everyone strives to grow and improve. We constantly seek ways to offer our students new opportunities. No two days, weeks, or years in Ma’ayanot are the same! Students, faculty and administrators are always looking for the best way to enhance learning, social-emotional growth, and their connection to Torah.”

Ma’ayanot distributes close to $2 million annually in scholarships. The annual dinner is the main fundraising initiative for the scholarship fund. Learn more about the honorees and this year’s dinner at www.maayanot.org/dinner.

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