April 21, 2024
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April 21, 2024
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Confiscation Without Condemnation

In light of the usual chatter on the world stage and the ongoing dialogue that takes place amongst members of the international community, the eerie silence of the world was both conspicuous and confounding.

After Israeli forces recently seized an arms shipment in the waters approximately 1,000 miles south of Eilat, the world was largely silent. The “Klos-C,” the vessel wherein the weapons cache was hidden, was bound for Gaza. In a frightening revelation, we learned that the missiles, sent from Syria via Iran, were intended for delivery to Hamas.

The contents of the weaponry that was confiscated by Israel was certainly great cause for concern. Among the items found hidden aboard the ship under false bottoms of fake shipping containers were 40 Syrian-made M-302 rockets, which have a range of between 60-100 miles. Had these rockets reached their intended destination in Gaza, the terrorists would have greatly enhanced their ability to easily strike targets throughout Israel, including Haifa, Jerusalem and Tel Aviv.

In addition, Israel impounded 181 120-mm caliber mortar shells, which are the same kind of rockets that militants in Gaza have been repeatedly firing into Israel since 2001. The Israel Defense Forces also discovered 400,000 7.62-mm caliber bullets, which is the type of ammunition typically used in the Kalashnikov rifles that are utilized by Hamas terrorists in Gaza.

As shocking as it was to discover this brazen attempt by Iran to arm militants in Gaza with high-powered and sophisticated weaponry that could be used to attack Israel, it was equally alarming to see the apparent lack of interest by the international community in the aftermath of this troubling incident.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was quite blunt in his remarks questioning the absence of condemnation from the rest of the world.

There is always widespread condemnation of Israel “when it builds a balcony in Jerusalem,” the Prime Minister said, yet there was virtually no public outcry after Iran’s attempt to secretly provide terrorists in Gaza with deadly weapons.

“I heard only isolated and weak condemnation of Iran from the international community regarding this deadly shipment,” Prime Minister Netanyahu said. “By contrast, we were witness to smiles and handshakes of representatives of the West with the representatives of Iran in Tehran at the very same time that these missiles were being unloaded in Eilat.”

Netanyahu’s not-so-subtle reference to the overly friendly relationship between the European Union and Iran was in regard to Catherine Ashton, the EU’s foreign policy chief, who was visiting Iran at the time and met with Iranian President Hassan Rouhani. While in Iran, Ashton spoke with Rouhani about entering a new era of cooperation between the EU and Iran.

Seizing on the opportunity to once again remind the world about the grave danger posed by a nuclear Iran, Prime Minister Netanyahu called the international community’s silence concerning Iran’s effort to arm militants and encourage terrorism “hypocrisy.”

“The world needs to awaken from its state of illusion and prevent Iran from acquiring the capability to create nuclear weapons,” said Prime Minister Netanyahu. “The international community’s decision to ignore the seized weapons ship is biased, dangerous and unacceptable.”

Even the United States, which is one of Israel’s staunchest allies, did not immediately come forth and denounce Iran following this incident. In fact, it was not until five days after Israel took control of the hidden arsenal from Iran that it issued a public condemnation of Iran.

In a somewhat surprising and perplexing move, the U.S. chose to temper its condemnation with a qualifying statement addressing its ongoing diplomatic efforts to prevent a nuclear Iran.

“It is important to make clear that even as we continue efforts to resolve our concerns over Iran’s nuclear program through diplomacy, we will continue, in coordination with our partners and allies, to push back against Iranian support for terrorism, threats against our friends and partners, and violations of human rights,” said White House Press Secretary Jay Carney.

As Iran continues to blatantly mock the world by openly supporting terror, the international community inexplicably believes that it needs to bend over backwards when it comes to Iran’s nuclear program and blindly trust the leaders of this rogue nation.

I would posit that in light of the severity of Iran’s devious and dangerous attempt to deliver deadly weapons to terrorists who are intent on destroying Israel and terrorizing its citizens, nothing short of a swift and strong condemnation is warranted.

“The condemnations I’ve heard from the international community in the face of this murderous shipment have been limp, few and far between,” Netanyahu said.

The Prime Minister is categorically correct. The silence of the world is absolutely deafening.

When it comes to criticizing Israel, the line stretches around the block. There is never a shortage of folks who relish the opportunity to deprecate the Jewish State whenever possible.

This incident is yet another example of the unreasonable double standard with which Israel is judged and forced to contend with. Whether it is building new housing for its residents, engaging in measures to defend its borders and its citizens, or a multitude of other activities, Israel has an eternal target on its back and is a perpetual magnet for criticism and condemnation.

Sadly, it is therefore no surprise that after the confiscation of Iran’s illicit weapons shipment, the widespread international condemnation that theoretically should have ensued, never really materialized.

N. Aaron Troodler is an attorney and a principal of Paul Revere Public Relations, a public relations and political consulting firm. Visit him on the Web at TroodlersTake.blogspot.com, www.PaulReverePR.com, or www.JewishWorldPR.com. You can also follow him on Twitter: @troodler.

By N. Aaron Troodler, Esq.

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