May 30, 2024
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May 30, 2024
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Desperately Seeking Fall Fashion

It’s been a long hot summer, and you can’t wait to get out of your summer clothes and into something fresh for fall. But when you look at what you have in your existing fall wardrobe, it makes you want to go into hibernation. This can happen to the best of us. It may be that you’ve been restyling your old clothes in several different ways and you’ve simply lost interest in all of it. Your wardrobe could be full of basics that seem outdated or out of step with your lifestyle changes.

Before you get too down, here are ideas for some quick fashion pick-me-ups that could update your wardrobe and make you excited about getting dressed.

Enter the Plaid Boot

I bet you have some winter boots or booties in neutral shades like black or brown. Here’s a fashion flash: Make your next boot a plaid one. Plaid boots with strong color stories like red, blue or green could make your wardrobe basics come alive. Just imagine a black fall skirt worn with a white blouse and black cardigan and then add that plaid boot. You’ve created a wow fashion moment. Plaid tights have been around for a while, and you could certainly add them to your short black boots to get that taste of plaid. But committing to a plaid boot is a confident, stylish act. You’ll find them heeled or flat, mid-calf to just below the knee.

Spring for a Dramatic-Print Long Coat

A basic black trench, peacoat or puffer probably currently fills another wardrobe category of yours, the outerlayer. It’s time to add a showstopper. Just think about how much fun it could be to spruce up your coat department. We wear coats for a lot of months out of the year. A dramatic below-the-knee coat in a fun print could be your grand entrance coat, or live large and wear it every day.

Add Some Shine

Is your wardrobe lacking luster? Add shine to your wintertime wardrobe.
A brocade suit may sound like a stretch, but you could wear it three ways. Wear it as a suit to social occasions, wear the jacket over a sweater with jeans and boots for a dressed-up casual look or take the skirt and create a more tailored outfit by adding a cable knit sweater and oxfords. What seemed like a splurge suddenly seems practical.

Do you want a different kind of shine? You can add shine to your wardrobe in the form of patent leather. It could be in a blazer, skirt, or high-heeled boot. A metallic belt is a simple accent that adds shine to any outfit.

Split-Screen Fashion Prints

If you’re feeling adventurous, there was a whole new approach to fabrication this year. Let’s call it the split screen. Imagine a dress that is vertically sliced down the center. On one side is one color, and another color graces the other side. Here’s an example: a shade of pumpkin on one side and mulberry red on the other. It’s bold and modern. Or this split screen affect can come in prints. Picture a small-scaled black and white floral print on one side and a large, abstract, multicolor floral print on the other side. It looks romantic, yet strong. Add boots, and you’re out the door.

As a result of adding something that’s brand new to you, you may discover that it’s all you needed to get excited again about some of the pieces you already own. I’ve seen it happen again and again. Add a little something and everything changes.

Get out of your wardrobe doldrums and plan to purchase a few pieces. I’m here to help you do that. Or if you do some shopping on your own, give me a call before you rip the tags off. I’ll come and review your investments and help you see some new combos that can follow you into a frisky new season of fashion.

By Tehillah Blech Harris

Tehillah is a New York City-based image consultant, style assessor, wardrobe planner, closet editor and personal shopper. Clients gain confidence and streamline their closets by only buying and wearing clothes that look great on them. And have fun in the process!

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