Friday, January 21, 2022

As wonderful as it is that so many consider travelling to Israel a necessity in their lives, it is unfortunate that often overlooked is the value of taking an organized tour, which allows one to become reacquainted with the history, kedusha and uniqueness of our true home. As I have said many times to clients who felt that they could go to Israel and stay in a hotel or apartment and see the country on their own, there is not a pebble that one walks by in Israel that doesn’t have some significance in our history. There is no way that the average person could recognize that.

The Eretz Israel Movement has been in existence for 33 years. Its programs include Pesach and Sukkot, Yeshiva Week break and three tours during the summer months—one in February and one in March, Purim included, and one over Thanksgiving break. Tours during the fall and spring are ideal for seniors, and friendships have been developed through the relationships started during these events.

Eretz Israel also organizes private family tours as well as groups from various congregations. The goal of the Eretz Israel movement has been to make travel to Israel as affordable as possible. The tours are 12 nights and 14 days. Each tour includes breakfast and dinner, and on Shabbat, Friday-night dinner as well as Shabbat lunch are included. Most tours spend Shabbat in Yerushalayim and occasionally there will be a Shabbat spent at Kibbutz Lavi.

Each year there is one tour in the spring for “returnees,” at which time the itinerary is changed in order to bring the participants to new and different destinations. In the summer the family tours are interactive, enabling children to participate fully.

What the Eretz Israel Movement does is remove the stress of needing to plan daily activities and tours. One returns with the knowledge that they have been exposed to the entire country under the guidance of professional and warm guides who were there 24 hours a day.

For further information, contact the Eretz Israel Movement at 212-684-7370.

By Nina Glick


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