May 26, 2024
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May 26, 2024
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Linking Northern and Central NJ, Bronx, Manhattan, Westchester and CT

DRINK UP! Delivers Favorite Drinks and More

DRINK UP!, a dependable drink delivery service, is excited to announce its new name, complete with expanded delivery locations and more products. Boasting touchless delivery to your front door or garage, DRINK UP! offers comprehensive and fast service for drinks and other popular convenience items.

The goal is to spare customers the hassle of shopping, save wear and tear on their vehicles, free up their time for other important things and hopefully save them some money in the process.

Let’s be honest, shopping has evolved into a logistics obstacle course due to COVID-19. Wiping down items purchased, long lines with a six-foot circle of safety and disruptions in the supply chain have congested our schedules and cranked the “schlepp-o-meter” well above its usual threshold. Most people have experienced the frustration of being forced to drive to multiple locations searching for certain essential items, often to find just one, or that none were available at all, taxing both time and stress levels. Often drinks and other basic home essentials were among the items difficult to find. Plus, drink items are heavy, bulky and usually incur extra fees for delivery.

Online services and grocery store deliveries frequently produced similar or worse results, with the added annoyance of protracted delivery times or outrageous prices.

DRINK UP! is now expanding its product line and services to make people’s lives easier, and is proud to offer same- or next-day delivery for most items. DRINK UP! operates on a wholesale scale, passing savings on to the consumer, with the added convenience of free prompt delivery in certain areas. Free delivery is included for Bergenfield, Englewood, New Milford and Teaneck.

In addition to beverages, DRINK UP! supplies candy, batteries and health and beauty products.

Steve Gutlove, owner and operator of DRINK UP!, said, “This spring, when COVID limited all of our mobility, many were looking for contactless shopping options. As the ramifications of the virus continued, many people encouraged me to expand what I had already been doing for the community.”

Gutlove added, “Even if you don’t see an item on our order form, ask for it and we will provide you with pricing.”

Gutlove has been a partner at a wholesale distribution business in NYC for 22 years. He explained that he has been supplying friends and neighbors with cases of beverages and boxes of candy for their simchas during that time. Two friends, Amy Buchsbayew and Abby Feuer, encouraged him to expand and launch DRINK UP!.

DRINK UP! is the new sponsor of The Jewish Link’s “Sports Star of the Week,” the time-honored segment of the paper that dates almost back to its inception. As loyal readers know, Gutlove also wears the hat of The Jewish Link’s sports editor.

“The sportstar of the week concept was born as a medium to celebrate the accomplishments of our local athletes,” said Gutlove. “Neither the paper nor the sponsors select the sports star: you, the readers, do. Over the years, sports stars have been nominated by coaches, teammates, family members and spectators. We have sports stars of all ages from a wide range of sports. The common criterion is not only to excel on the field, but more importantly in middot. This is what we want to highlight.”

The sports star of the week, sponsored by DRINK UP!, is rewarded with a 5% discount on their next DRINK UP! order.

Ordering from DRINK UP! is simple. Text 201-578-7425 or use the simple Google form online to place your order, and in most cases expect same-day delivery. Remember, if you would like an item that doesn’t appear on the order form, ask for it and DRINK UP! will do its best to get it for you at a price that will make you smile!

The Google form can be found at

By Ellie Wolf


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