Friday, June 02, 2023

Most of the producers, directors, reporters, broadcast facilities and editorial offices of the biggest media corporations are in our back­yard. It is amazing that they are either so igno­rant, or so hypocritical, or dare we say it, so an­tisemitic, because of the subtle ways in which they sabotage the facts of what is going on in Israel and Gaza. They exonerate the terrorists and blame the victims. That’s a familiar theme in Jewish history.

They frame the picture with words—like describing the “Israeli Tour of the Tunnels” as a propaganda push on CNN, and then in other pieces, suggest that the tunnels are not dan­gerous at all and that the Israelis are exagger­ating. Seriously? How many of our people have fallen? How many would have fallen without the Iron Dome? (The Iron Dome is truly a gift from Hashem, through the ruach hakodesh He gave its designers.) Do you think tens of thou­sands of dead Jews and Israeli Arabs and Chris­tians and Bahai and others in Tel Aviv, Beershe­va and Haifa would have made them more sympathetic? To the mainstream media, it seems context means nothing.

Everything the Jews present to the main­stream about this war is dismissed as propa­ganda. Even the rocket and missiles counts are met with skepticism. The human shields who have been placed there by Hamas, are victims of a terrorist organization aligned with ISIS, Iran and Al Qaeda and is the realized nightmare of a contemporary enemy. Those facts are nev­er discussed. Hamas certainly learned how to manipulate the hypocritical ignoramuses who skew this war and have unleashed a wave of antisemitism that rivals what went on in pre- World War II Europe and the United States.

The reporters don’t dare talk about how they are being intimidated with—at the least—confiscation of their equipment and— at most—a beheading. Only one Italian re­porter is daring to tell what he really saw. Two others removed their tweets after Hamas threatened them. And now we learn that Eu­rope has shelled out $125 million in ransoms, that the NYTimes says is demanded by Al Qae­da operatives and is used to fund acts of terror. News agencies are afraid of their people being killed or kidnapped. How can they possibly tell the truth?

When Russia hit a jetliner and mur­dered 300 people in a nano-second, no one screamed in the streets or in the news feeds, howling like mad dogs for Russian blood nor did they throw Molotov Cocktails at Russian in­stallations or embassies. When America mur­dered hundreds of thousands of civilians in Iraq, Afghanistan, and elsewhere, only a hand­ful in the media elites said “Boo.” And the main­stream media, and social networks are essen­tially silent about all that. The exceptions make the rule. And remember, it’s all about ratings. A war in Israel with terrorists? BORING.

We are living in a “Sha-Sha” world, where leaders and news agencies are terrified of ter­rorists and show it. So they defend Hamas, whose mission is to exterminate every Jew, and every infidel thereafter. It is a group with the same ideology as those who brought us 9/11. Those who defend Hamas by extension defend Islamic Jihad, Al Qaeda and ISIS, whose lead­ers have demanded that the 4,000,000 million women under their rule be mutilated. They are defending the same people who tried to blow up the Eiffel Tower, are threatening the Dutch government and blew up London’s subways— as well as buses and cafes, discos, trains, planes and marketplaces around the world. They are defending the murderers of thousands of Christians in Iraq and Syria, as well as each oth­er, and they are defending a group of men who believe rape is a weapon of war, and are carry­ing out that kind of war in Nigeria. Those who defend Hamas defend the indefensible.

These defenders never defend the people most terrorized by Hamas: the people in Gaza, Hamas’ most valuable weapon against the Jewish people. By inculcating children from birth with hatred and a cult of death, by using their women and children as human shields, while they live lives of luxury in Qatar, where the government channels American weap­ons to terrorists, Hamas is winning the propa­ganda war. And those who see it refuse to talk about, because they, too, are victims of Hamas terror.

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