May 27, 2024
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May 27, 2024
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EU and PLO—To What End?

Why do the EU and European countries support efforts by the PLO and other terrorist organizations to create a state in Judea, Samaria and eastern Jerusalem (the West Bank)? Is it because of a theologically based culture of animosity for Jews and the State of Israel? Why do they spend billions to fund anti-Israel NGOs as proxies to demonize and destroy Israel in another Holocaust?

The EU might argue that it is a humanitarian issue to support “Palestinian self-determination,” but that means supporting the PLO, a corrupt, terrorist dictatorship that supports terrorism and opposes Israel’s existence. Its partners in the Muslim Brotherhood-sponsored Hamas and jihadist gangs have the same goal.

Hostility to Israel is linked to Arab money, fear of terrorism, business interests, etc. Another important reason is European culture’s long history of Jew-hatred.

Support for the Nazis and National Socialism by Lutheran churches and the Vatican—actively and passively—is well documented. They all knew about the Holocaust and did nothing to help rescue Jews. Along with Ireland, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland and the Vatican, Sweden declared itself “neutral” during World War II.

Although the Lutheran church eventually rejected Luther’s vicious Jew-hatred, he is a revered religious and cultural figure in countries where the Lutheran Church is the national, “established” church, such as Norway and most Nordic countries, including Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Iceland; Germany is split between Catholics and Lutherans.

Although the EU recognizes Hezbollah’s military wing as a terrorist group, it does not extend this designation to its political wing. Why?

This explains why European countries support anti-Israel NGOs which portray Palestinians as victims of Israeli “occupation and oppression.” It explains, for example, why a Norwegian NGO recently depicted Palestinians as “crucified” by Israel, a blood libel used by Israel’s enemies and the subject of a new book by Magda Teter, “Blood Libel: On the Trail of an Antisemitic Myth.”

NGO Monitor’s website contains details about European-funded groups, including a number supported by the official Lutheran Church in Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark. The Ecumenical Accompaniment Program in Palestine and Israel, for example, trains “volunteers” to promote anti-Israel campaigns and propaganda throughout Europe and also in North America. The Church of Sweden also funds “Who Profits,” a leading BDS organization.

Sweden was the first EU country to recognize a PLO-run “State of Palestine” (based on the 1949 Armistice lines). It opposes any attempt by Israel to declare sovereignty in Judea, Samaria, Jerusalem and the Golan, and opposes labeling products produced in these areas as “Israeli.”

EU countries also fund Arabs who move from Areas A and B (under the Palestinian Authority) to Area C (under total Israeli authority) and build illegally in order to expand areas under PA rule. This process was documented by Regavim, an Israeli NGO dedicated to the protection of Israel’s national lands and resources.

Germany, the EU, UK and Sweden are currently the largest donors to UNRWA, which is dedicated to keeping the issue of Arab refugees on the agenda and resisting their resettlement. The residents of UNRWA camps are living symbols of “The Nakba,” the Palestinian narrative of losing the war to destroy Israel in 1948. UNRWA is a permanent block that prevents any reconciliation. It promotes dependence and prevents people from having normal, productive lives.

The EU’s failure to accept reality—that the PLO, Hamas and Islamic jihadist groups seek Israel’s demise—is the result, consciously, or unconsciously, of a culture of Jew-hatred. Ninety years ago, it was a basis for supporting Nazism and led to the Holocaust. Today, it is a call for genocide.

The goal of destroying Israel is a fundamental element of Palestinianism; it is explicit in the PLO Covenant and Hamas Charter. It is what the Muslim Brotherhood, Islamists and Iran preach as a “global jihad.” Palestinian terrorism and suicide bombings are not only encouraged, but imprisoned terrorists, “martyrs” and their families are honored and paid monthly “salaries.” Why does the EU support this?

Although Luther’s contribution to the Reformation 500 years ago was important, Europeans today need to ask whether anti-Jewish ideas and anti-Israeli policies are consistent with Christian and humanitarian values. Jew-hatred has shaped European culture and society and is reflected in policies that seek to demonize and destroy Israel. Europeans need to ask why their governments are giving away their money to those who seek Israel’s destruction.

Given that the EU advocates lifting sanctions against Iran and supports the JCPOA agreement, which allows Iran to develop weapons of mass destruction, the immorality of its policies in funding NGOs subverting Israel, a democratic country, is all the more apparent.

It can happen again!

By Moshe Dann/

 The writer is a PhD historian and journalist in Israel.

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