Saturday, March 25, 2023

Hi! Last week’s cufflinks were eyeballs, and everybody who played won! How so? Because all players cited one, two, three references to eyes, seeing, sight, blindness, vision and foreseeing. Since, by my count, there were at least 13 of these that I spotted in the parsha, the result is a multi-way tie for first place. Sometimes, everyone actually is a winner. Thanks for playing!

Now this week won’t be as immediately obvious. It’s a whole new Chumash, and my family is keeping me plentifully supplied with cufflinks. Draw out (har har) the reference here to this week’s parsha. Shabbat shalom!

For years now, Martin Bodek has been wearing cufflinks themed to the week’s parsha, to stimulate conversation around the Shabbat table. Naturally, it begged for a wider audience, and The Jewish Link seems like a perfect home—especially in name. Every week, we’ll present the cuff links, and you tell us how it ties into the parsha of the week. E-mail your guesses, educated and otherwise, to [email protected] and we’ll publish the best and most creative answers a week later. Have fun!

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