May 30, 2024
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May 30, 2024
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Feldheim Publishers Highlights Books for the Holidays

Feldheim has been serving the Jewish public for over 70 years. Its publications cover the gamut of Torah literature, reflecting the diversity of Jewish thought. Feldheim’s goal is to provide authentic, quality reading material that teaches and inspires in an enjoyable way—books that enrich Jewish life and instill its values. No one book is for everyone, but everyone can find among its collection the right topic and style that appeal to that particular person.

Some of Feldheim’s books that might appeal to readers, or gift buyers, are as follows:

Psalms That Speak to You


By Yitzchak Bell (2016) Hardcover 800 pages, ISBN 978-1928822-91-2.

We all turn to Tehillim in times of joy and of trouble, but do we relate personally and with a sense of wonder to the entreaties and emotions in the verses? The author set out to create a new flowing translation designed to help English speakers find themselves in the Psalms and say them with understanding and feeling. Packaged in a pioneering format designed by world renowned Ben Gasner, it gives each of us the ideal words to respond to what happens in our lives. In the short time it’s been available, readers confirm that it is adding a deeply moving dimension to their saying of Tehillim—perhaps for the first time.


By Rav Dov Cohen (2016) Hardcover. 750 pages, ISBN 978-168025-270-5.

The incredible story of a 13-year-old American boy from Seattle, Rav Dov Cohen, whose mother took him to Palestine in 1925 to fulfill her dream that he become a talmid chacham. In the telling, history comes alive: the shtetls of Lithuania; Seattle in the 1920s; Chevron Yeshiva and the massacre in 1929; the gedolim of that time. A fascinating and inspiring tale of spiritual triumph in the face of adversity.


By Rabbi Yehoshua Berman (2016) Hardcover. 448 pages. ISBN 978-1-68025-274-3.

A tribute to Rav Mosheh Twersky, tragically killed in the Har Nof massacre. Beautifully written by a devoted talmid, it offers readers a majestic glimpse into the life of a remarkable individual. This precious volume will enthrall and transform you with its warmth, wisdom and sacred legacy of what exalted heights one can reach in Avodas Hashem.


By Menachem J. Spiegel (2016) Hardcover. 280 pages. ISBN 978-1-68025-260-6.

Meet Rabbi Yaakov Yitzchok Spiegel, the rabbi of the famed Romanisher shul on the Lower East Side. Full of warm, uplifting stories, anecdotes and insights surrounding the life of Rabbi Spiegel, it is filled with fascinating characters, photographs and a unique history of the Jewish Lower East Side going back to 1654.


By Ari Wasserman (2016) Hardcover. 538 pages. ISBN 978-1-68025-031-2.

The modern-day workplace presents Jewish men and women with a constant array of obvious as well as subtle challenges. From business meetings in non-kosher restaurants, shaking hands with the opposite gender, wearing a kippah, social gatherings and holiday parties to yichud, personal use of office supplies, finding time to learn, daven mincha and so much more, this comprehensive work presents the halachic background and solutions to the issues. Written by an attorney now living and teaching in Jerusalem, this engaging, user-friendly guide is essential for anyone involved in today’s complex business world.


By Leah Chana Rubabshi, Illustrated by Yael Pushkin, Hardcover, 32 pages, ISBN 978-168025-267-5.

A beautiful illustrated book for young children based on the famous midrash about the power of the tongue. Who’s really in charge: your hands, your legs, your heart or your tongue? Delightful rhyme and charming illustrations combine to turn this well-known Midrashic tale into a wonderful adventure for younger readers.


By Chaim Walder (2016) Hardcover. 208 pages. ISBN -978-1-68025-284-2.

Best-selling author Chaim Walder is back again with a new book of stories for children ages 8-12, on topics to which they relate: friendship, self-confidence, facing challenges, handling fears, school and play. In this book you’ll find stories about children who took the initiative to help their friends, neighbors and family and to make the world a better place.


By Amy Stopnicki (2016) Hardcover. 304 pages. ISBN 978-1-68025-032-9.

Feldheim’s latest cookbook came out a few months ago and the feedback on it is wonderful. It contains tried-and-true, simple-to-replicate recipes using easy-to-find ingredients. Toronto native Amy Stopnicki is a busy mother, active member of her community and successful event planner. Amy has taken her best innovations from years of experience and combined them with her passion for creating balanced and beautiful meals.

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