May 20, 2024
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May 20, 2024
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Fly a Companion for Free With You for an Entire Year, Every Time You Fly

We have talked to you in the past about the Companion Pass from Southwest, and what an amazing deal it is. In summary, Southwest has a promotion where passengers who earn 110,000 points in a calendar year can earn a Companion Pass, which basically allows you to choose one person to fly with you FOR FREE, EVERY TIME YOU FLY until the NEXT CALENDAR YEAR IS OVER.

And not only that, you can earn the Companion Pass with bonus miles from Southwest credit cards. And there are currently three Southwest credit cards with 50,000 miles bonus offers (usually each card’s bonus offer is 25,000 miles).

But wait, there’s more.

Once you earn the Companion Pass, you still have the 110,000 miles you can then use for flights throughout the US, Mexico and Caribbean.

If you thought this was too good to be true, your companion can even join you if your flights were booked with miles (as opposed to paying in cash), and with round-trip flights ranging on average between 15 to 20k miles each—that is nearly six to eight flights where your companion can join you for free.

And finally, if you earned the Companion Pass in January of this coming year, it will last you until the end of Dec. of 2017.

Yes, you read this right.

This deal is valued in the thousands.

The last time we sent out this info one of our customers took advantage of the information. Here is his story:

“After being informed by PEYD about the Southwest promotion, I signed up for one card. The same computer wouldn’t allow me to sign up for the second card [to get both 50,000 card offers] but I was able to sign up for the second offer using another computer. Just make sure you are on a site where the offer is for 50,000 bonus points. I almost signed up on a site where it was 25,000 for one card. I spent the amount on each card needed to get bonus points, plus the additional amount needed to reach 110,000 [$2,000 for each 50,000 bonus card, only gets to 104,000 points, with 6,000 additional points still required] by paying for my kids’ summer camp tuition in advance. I then received an email within a day of of my statement date, which was within three months from the sign-up, that I got a companion pass! A few days after choosing my spouse [as the beneficiary] of the companion, I received a card in the mail. I booked a flight to Las Vegas, two tickets for the price of one, which I find amazing. I feel like this is too good to be true. After that one flight, I still have 90,000 plus points for future flights or use for hotels/car rentals [earning the Companion Pass doesn’t take away any points, you still have the points to pay/use for the flights as well!!]. It’s gotta be worth thousands of dollars, which was awarded to me, just for spending what I anyways needed to spend. Thank you PEYD for informing me about, what in other words, is a deal that will be paying for my future vacation(s).”

There is even a way to get the remaining 6,000 points needed without spending the extra $6,000 by converting Chase Ultimate Rewards Points to either Hyatt or Marriott hotel points and then transferring those hotel points directly to Southwest.

We encourage our customers and friends to take advantage of this amazing offer before Southwest changes their rules. Visit for more information and sign-up links.

Customers must verify information prior to applying as terms & conditions are subject to change without notice.

Eli Schreiber is a partner and director of marketing at Get PEYD.

By Eli Schreiber

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