Friday, June 05, 2020

It’s been a long and busy eight weeks for the Steinberg family, the owners of Zadies Bakery in Fair Lawn. Two months ago, a car accidentally plowed through the front of the store and the retail part of the bakery has been closed ever since. The Steinbergs pledged to all their customers that they would be reopening by Rosh Hashanah. They hit their target.

The family is now excited to now invite all of their loyal customers to see their completely refurbished store. Every part of the store with the exception of the showcases have been replaced.

Adam Steinberg, co-owner of the store together with his brother and father, were overwhelmed by the love, concern and support that they were shown after the accident occured. Emails, phone and social media messages were received constantly in the days and weeks following the accident. “Two months has felt like forever to the family,” he said. But, they are now ready and anxious to refill their shelves with all of their nut-free treats and of course, the round challahs made specially to herald the yom tov season. The community is invited to visit their “new store” on Sunday, Sept 22 for the grand opening. The store is still located at 19-09 Fair Lawn Avenue in Fair Lawn.

By Nina Glick