May 23, 2024
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May 23, 2024
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Get to Know the Rothenberg Family Law Firm

You’ve seen their ads here in The Jewish Link and elsewhere.

You may have noticed their website while searching on Google, recognized their logo as sponsors at various charity and safety events, heard them on New York Mets radio broadcasts or spotted their billboards throughout the tri-state area.

In 1969, the same year Neil Armstrong uttered his memorable, “One small step for man…, ” legal trailblazer Allen L. Rothenberg founded his personal injury law firm in Center City, Philadelphia.

Allen was later joined by his wife, medical assistant turned attorney, Barbara Rothenberg. These founding partners, Allen and Barbara, are the proud parents of eight children—seven of whom are lawyers and work for the family firm, known as The Rothenberg Law Firm LLP, a.k.a.

Since the firm started out 54 years ago in Philadelphia, it has expanded, opening offices in New York City, Hackensack, Brooklyn, Monsey, Lakewood and Cherry Hill.

The firm gets referrals from all over the country and litigates cases throughout the United States and even Israel, working closely with local co-counsel.

It uses a large pool of elite experts, as Allen explained: “We’re willing to pay top dollar for experts—medical, engineering, construction, etc. The insurance companies know us as lawyers who always come in well-prepared, ready, willing and able to go to trial, so quite often they’re willing to settle out of court rather than risk a verdict against one of our attorneys.”

It’s not every day you encounter such a unique family in the law field, which may hold the record for the most members of an immediate family to belong to the New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania State Bars.

According to Barbara, the matriarch behind the creation of the firm, “The drive, determination and devotion to helping people is what inspired the initial creation of the firm and has led the members of the Rothenberg family to devote their skills and careers to helping people.”

Partner Harry Rothenberg, long time Passaic resident, explained: “Growing up in the family business, we understood that helping seriously injured victims is more than just a job; it’s a serious responsibility and commitment. God forbid someone should ever get injured—nobody wants to see and live through that experience. That’s why we expend resources and efforts to advocate on behalf of child safety and accident prevention. But if one does get injured, our firm has the expertise, experience and resolve necessary to successfully achieve the maximum monetary compensation possible.”

After obtaining an $18 million recovery in a New Jersey auto product defect case a few years ago, the firm secured another milestone result with a $25 million recovery in 2022. This was the highest reported settlement in New York State history for a motorcyclist.

Partner Marc J. Rothenberg, a long time Teaneck resident, explained: “Our success in this catastrophic injury case, as in many others, was the result of extensive investigation, constant client contact, procuring top-notch liability engineers and medical expert witnesses, and utilizing skilled and experienced litigation and negotiation techniques. We handle each case from inception as if that case will ultimately be tried. Once we determine a case has merit, you can be sure we will not stop until we obtain the highest amount of compensation for our clients as possible.”

Partner Ross Rothenberg, who also resides in Teaneck, added: “When a family has suffered a major loss, like the loss of a loved one in an accident, no amount of money can remove the pain. We can’t bring back a family member and we can’t heal an injury—but we can give families a certain level of closure. In many cases, such as in wrongful death cases, the family is often left with the regret of never having had a chance to say goodbye. Working through the case sometimes helps work through the loss.”

Partner Scott Rothenberg, who lives in Passaic, explained why injured victims need not be wary of contacting or retaining a personal injury firm: “Personal injury victims are never asked to lay money out of their own pocket. Injury law works on a contingency fee basis. We don’t charge by the hour; we take a percentage of the settlement, which means we do not take any money unless, and until, we win the case for you. A lot of people may be afraid to approach an attorney because of the cost to hire a lawyer, but what they don’t realize is that you do not pay anything up front—and that if you have suffered damages and pain due to someone else’s negligence, you deserve compensation.”

Partner Beth Rothenberg Halperin, a Lakewood resident, emphasized, “Our firm prides itself on not only giving our clients the maximum in terms of fighting for the best possible outcome for their case, but we also make sure to try to protect our clients from future harm as well. Given the principle that one must donate time as well as money, our attorneys often dispense free counsel to schools and camps about maintaining proper safety standards and buying the best insurance coverage possible. We also help individuals review their own insurance policies to make sure they have sufficient insurance coverage to protect themselves and their family members in case of an accident.”

Partner Melissa Rothenberg Kapustin, formerly of West Orange and now living in Passaic, echoed the sentiments of her siblings: “We are a family of attorneys who pride ourselves on giving every case the time and attention it deserves. Often in cases where a person has been disabled or suffered a major loss, what the client needs most is a friend and a guide. He or she has been through tremendous psychological distress—and all of the lawyers in our firm are very sensitive to their situations. Because of the close relationship that evolves, many of our clients remain friends, and often refer their own family and friends to our firm in appreciation of the sensitivity and support we show throughout the legal process.”

If you or a loved one have any questions regarding a personal injury matter, let The Rothenberg Law Firm LLP attorneys help you get through your challenges by contacting them at [email protected].

By Jewish Link Staff

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