December 8, 2023
December 8, 2023

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GreatFrumTrips Shares Unique  Places for Families This Chol Hamoed

Chol Hamoed is a great time for all, when families get together and make memories, going on trips and taking the time to explore places for which they may otherwise not have time. Courtesy of, here is a fabulous list of places to go, unique attractions to visit and things to do in and around the tri-state area.

Guaranteed to include some places you’ve never heard of, this list was compiled by a frum family of nine that loves to explore and has 20 years’ worth of tried and true attractions to share. is the fastest-growing Jewish traveler’s resource on the web, with new attractions and places to go, and new travel deals added every day.

Duke Farms: 2,740 acres of “wonderful” to explore, free! Enjoy waterfalls, hikes, biking paths, lakes, orchid gardens, turtles, a tram ride and more.

Sterling Hill Mining Museum: Underground mine shafts, glowing rocks, museum, tractors, explosives, magnetic rocks and more.

Garrett Mountain Reservation: A mountain, a real castle, horseback riding, trails, cliffs and more.

Lehigh Valley Zoo, Trexler Nature Preserve and Jordan Creek: Cross the Jordan—in your car! Plus, enjoy the nearby zoo and wild buffalo preserve.

Hacklebarney State Park: Picnic on an island while the kids wade in the creek. And there’s even a farm nearby!

Richard W. Dekorte Park: Floating docks, bird-watching, hiking paths, beautiful trails, wildlife and more.

Visit for a list of every boating site in New Jersey.

Visit to learn how to save 20 percent on zoos and aquariums every time you visit.

Always call the attraction before heading out to verify hours and pricing. Don’t miss out on the best travel deals for frum families The website,, is updated three times a week and has something for every frum family.

Wishing you and your famlily a fun Chol HaMoed!

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