September 30, 2023
September 30, 2023

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Hair and Wig Salons Are Booming; Makeup Sales Are Down

Women’s fashion embraced the new current reality, that hair and wig salons are seeing tremendous business, while makeup sales are down, and sales reports are proving it. While makeup, especially foundations and lipstick sales are at an all time low, hair color, hair accessories and salons visits are on the rise. Not only have women accepted that wearing masks are here to stay for a while, they have actually embraced purchasing fashionable masks, and are happy to save time, cutting out their morning makeup routine, feeling secure knowing that if their hair looks fabulous, they immediately look put together with a trending mask.

For wig wearers it’s even easier! They already have a pre styled, pre colored and pre cut wig, waiting for them to put on. Add a little mascara and an accessorized mask, and instantly one looks put together. Women know this, and are therefore investing more into the way their hair or wigs look. My clients are noticing, more than ever, the condition in which their wigs are in. They now notice if the hair looks lifeless, and are aware that they need a new wig or a fresh cut. They are focusing on color more than ever before, and are requesting to refresh the color, while experimenting with highlights to add some brightness and interest to their look. Face framing highlights have been my clients top requests during this pandemic, as it immediately adds brightness around one’s face and turns any older wig into a newer trendy look. Looking good has never been easier for women, an amazing wig that is colored, cut and styled to perfection is all it currently takes!

Sari Friedbauer is the owner of Saris wigs. She is a licensed hairstylist and certified wig maker that can be reached via text at (201) 694-5319.

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