June 14, 2024
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June 14, 2024
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Having your say in The Link

Having your say with Dr. Joseph Schwartz
Photographed by David Beyda

Life lessons:

Nearly everything comes down to values & expectations. Be careful with both.

On Israel:

Israel is our Jewish home. Period.

My passions … the spice of life:

1. Torah and Judaism

2. Family and friends

3. Health and self improvement

4. Politics and political philosophy.

On comparisons:

Everything is relative, except for one’s own personal morality.

On government:

Our rights come from G-d, and the primary purpose of government is to protect those rights.

On the 4 daily pillars of health:

Healthy meal planning, exercise/activity, weight management, & stress reduction.

On the importance of gratitude:

The happy person is the one who feels grateful and “rich” with what he has. 

Basics for marital success:

(1) trust, (2) respect, (3) common values, (4) common goals, and (5) love/appreciation.

Improving your marital relationship:

(1)Be loyally committed to your spouse.

(2)Frequently put your spouse first above your own selfish interests.

(3)Regularly date your spouse.

(4)Be humble with your spouse, especially with a willingness to forgive and ask for forgiveness.

(5)Prioritize peace in the home.

(6)The importance of self-improvement and compromise cannot be over-stated.

On Parshat Terumah:

It’s ALL from Hashem. We must do the work to put Hashem first and become worthy to allow Hashem to dwell amongst us.

The purpose of life:

Spiritual growth and getting closer to Hashem.

There is no growth without challenge. Challenges (may they always be relatively small) are tests which then allow for growth when we pass those tests…

Remember, it’s always a test.

On other hidden talents:

I started rapping at family Simchas at a young age.

Joseph Schwartz, MD, is the founding and senior medical partner at Endocrinology Consultants, PC, in Englewood, NJ. Baruch Hashem, Joe is happily married to Chaya, his Ezer Kinegdo. He has wonderful kids, Bli Ayin Harah. Joe has lived in Teaneck for two decades.

Photos and interview by David Beyda www.davidbeyda.com 

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