June 12, 2024
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June 12, 2024
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Linking Northern and Central NJ, Bronx, Manhattan, Westchester and CT

Having your say in The Link!

On Shidduch pickiness

Just seeing how specific people can be regarding hashkafa, like modern orthodox-right but not yeshivesh, or such specific personality type. You don’t want to marry your clone. In the end of the day if it’s somebody you really connect with and really like it’s gonna work.

On growing a beard

Mine is a little more Amish looking than rabbinic looking… If I grew a nice natural beard I would definitely consider it.�

On Parshat Toldot

Rivka’s unconditional love vs. Yitzchak’s high expectations. Two models of parenting we must all try to fuse.

On doing things yourself

I’m inspired by people who build their own sukkah. I hope to be one of those people one day.

On speaking

I try not to be too preachy. I just convey Torah ideas as best I can and hope that people take it all in with an open mind; and I find that jokes help. My grandfather always emphasized substance in his drashos. So I to put together enjoyable Torah content and present in an interesting way

On doing something else

if I had to do anything else (professionally) and could be anything. I would be either a Jewish wedding singer or general manager of the Knicks. I could turn them around.

A singer?

I was in high school with Mordechai Shapiro. He knows I’m available to join forces. Just waiting on the call.

On being a Rabbi

I used to be late to shul… now I’m late to work.�

On Rabbi Akiva

Love trumps all. Rabbi Akiva … was always able to see the more optimistic side because he had real ahavas Hashem.� He loved G-d.

Rabbi Yosef Weinberger is a Rebbe and Director of the Beit Midrash Track at Frisch, Assistant Rabbi in Congregation Bnai Yeshurun; and catcher (still competing for shortstop) for the New Crew.

Photos and interview by David Beyda www.davidbeyda.com�

To see more photos from this shoot, check out David’s Instagram @davidbeydaphotography. 212-967-6964, Studios in Manhattan and Teaneck

All images David Beyda©

Want to be photographed for this series by David Beyda? Email him at [email protected]

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