May 22, 2024
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May 22, 2024
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Hedy’s Hats Comes to Teaneck for Fall Show

A beautiful hat can make you feel like a queen, a princess or even a duchess. As we see on the news, a special hat makes any outfit special.

Back by popular request: Frequently Asked Questions about our Fall and Winter Hat Show.

Q: Where and when is it?

A: 600 Maitland Avenue, Teaneck, between River Road and Jefferson Avenue, on Tuesday, September 4 and Wednesday, September 5, 7-10 p.m. Call Hedy for special requests at 917-640-4649. Plenty of parking—whether you’re from Fair Lawn, West Orange, Elizabeth, Springfield, Riverdale or Manhattan, it’s worth the trip!

Q: Who is Hedy? Why does she come here with hats?

A: Hedy Needle has a hat shop in Brooklyn. It’s called Hedy’s Hats. Hedy stocks hundreds of hats (go take a trip if you want to see for yourself). There are many designer brands, Louise Green, Cathy Jean, D’Angou and Christine Moore to name a few. Hedy also has dressy and casual hats, travel hats, rain hats, berets, headbands and fascinators galore (they look great over wigs too).

Q: Designer hats? How are the prices?

A: Everything is at discounted prices. Now you have a choice—a real choice—of styles, colors and prices.

Q: I have a very small/very large head size. Should I bother coming?

A: Yes, please come. Hedy will gladly special order, at no extra charge, the size you need. She’ll ship it right to your home.

Q: I have a simcha and need a special color.

A: Hedy will order your special color, or just order a color you want. You don’t just have to buy a hat in the color shown at the show. If the hat fits, Hedy will get it in your color (if possible).

Q: Will I feel pressured or uncomfortable shopping in someone’s home?

A: Think of the evening as a night out for ladies! Hats are all over the first floor. They spill over the dining room, living room and kitchen. Women are all over the place, trying on hats, giving opinions, sending photos on their phones to friends for opinions. There are usually brides with their mothers doing serious pre-wedding shopping. The prices are right and the selection is big.

Q: When will Hedy be coming again?

A:Hedy will be coming in the spring, in time for that holiday when you do all that cleaning (you all know what I mean).

I hope this answers your questions. Looking forward to seeing you at my home.

Yes, I know it’s right after Labor Day and people are busy. But make time ladies—it’s not my fault that Yom Tov is early this year! Think Sukkot—perfect hat weather.

By Nettie Berenholz

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