December 5, 2023
December 5, 2023

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Heichal HaTorah Enjoys Grade-Wide Tish

Each grade of Heichal talmidim enjoyed a tish to usher in the new year, providing a welcome opportunity for talmidim to spend quality time with their rebbeim and grade mashgichim in an inspirational environment. The yeshiva introduced a new initiative involving grade-wide mashgichim, ensuring that each talmid has a dedicated mashgiach who will regularly check in with the talmid and be available for open discussions. The mashgichim include Rav Avi Epstein, Rav Zev Senter, Rav Chaim Marcus and Rav Daniel Schwechter. These mashgichim will serve as the primary point of contact for every talmid and will organize special programming throughout the school year to facilitate stronger connections with talmidim. Heichal looks forward to continuing to support and value their talmidim as they grow in learning and middos.

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