September 28, 2023
September 28, 2023

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How Did Pro-Israel Democrats Vote on Omar?

It was very interesting to see how Democratic lawmakers in Congress voted on whether to remove Omar from the Foreign Affairs Committee (“Voting Against an Antisemite Should Be an Easy Decision” Feb. 2, 2023). We have many Democratic lawmakers in the New York Metro area who claim to stand by Israel and outwardly say they will do anything to back Israel, but when it came down to it, they decided to vote against removing Omar from the committee. Omar is a person who has outwardly said antisemitic statements while in Congress and well before that. The statements she has made in the past have been so over the top against Israel that it’s no question how she feels about our ally Israel and the Jewish people. Right before the vote, she started saying that she never knew her past statements were antisemitic but only to try and stop what the Republicans were going to do to her. Look at who she aligns with in Congress—other outwardly antisemitic Democratic Congress members who bash Israel. Going forward, do you continue to vote for these politicians who say one thing but vote the opposite way? They seem more concerned with their own political party versus what their constituents want. The last question to ask them is if Omar was a Republican and had said all these damaging tales about Israel, how would they have then voted?

Michael Chasen
Suffern, New York
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