June 21, 2024
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June 21, 2024
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How Much Is Your Child Worth to You?

(Courtesy of PUAH) If you’re a parent, you’ve probably had this conversation at some point:

Child: How much am I worth to you?

You: Sweetie, more than all the money in the world.

Child: You mean you wouldn’t even sell me for a million dollars?

You: Not even for a gazillion dollars plus my own Caribbean island!

For those of us fortunate enough to be parents, there’s no question in our minds: Our children are our greatest treasures.

Now, take a moment to turn this question on its head. To put yourself in the shoes of a couple who’s still waiting to have a baby of their own. Month after month, year after year, their hopes are raised—only to be crushed.

And ask yourself: How much would you give to have a child? How much time, money, pain and emotional sacrifice would it be worth for you to have the zechus of becoming a parent, and holding your very own baby in your arms?

Wouldn’t you answer: “I’d give anything and everything”?

At PUAH, we work every day with couples who are doing just that. These heroic women and men go through unbearable physical and emotional anguish as they struggle through their infertility.

How many times can a person experience heartbreaking disappointment before giving up hope? How often can they cry out, “Hashem, when will it be my turn?” before coming to the devastating conclusion that maybe it never will?

Often, this is the state they’re in when they turn to us. And when our counselors sit with them, review their medical history and tell them, “There is something you can do. With Hashem’s help, you’ll have a baby,” the relief and determination in their voices are tangible as they say, “Thank you! We now have the strength to continue!”

At PUAH, we know that every person’s fertility journey is unique. And we accompany people every step of the way, giving them the tailor-made assistance they need to build their family. Our PUAH hotline is staffed nearly all hours of the day and night, to answer time-sensitive questions. Our rabbinic counselors are world experts in the field of halacha and infertility, and our medical referral program offers our couples access to some of the top fertility doctors in the world. Our halachic supervisors provide hashgacha for all necessary fertility procedures.

And our PUAH Cares team provides the essential emotional support to help people get through such a fraught challenge. We’re with them on their journey. We laugh with them, cry with them, and daven for their success—because we care for our couples like family.

These individuals are willing to do whatever it takes and give whatever they have in order to be blessed with a family of their own. And we at PUAH are happy and eager to give them all that we can give in order to make that dream come true.

But there’s one more partner in this equation: you. Without your help, we simply don’t have the resources to assist all the couples turning to us for help.

On Sunday, June 20, PUAH is running a special matching campaign to raise critically needed funds to continue providing our services—all of which are fully subsidized by donors like you. Every donation will be doubled—which means double the impact you’ll have on a couple desperately waiting to become parents.

How much is a child’s life worth? Imagine knowing that, with your donation, you can give another couple the priceless gift of a baby of their own.

For more information about how to get involved in PUAH’s June 20 community fundraising campaign, visit: www.puahfertility.org/ourfamily.

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