June 20, 2024
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June 20, 2024
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How PEMF Therapy Healed an Entire Family

The source of almost any illness or complaint is at the cellular level. From chronic physical pain to depression and anxiety, cellular dysfunction leads to all manner of issues. When cells can’t do their job properly, the mind and body can’t reach optimal well-being.

Harnessing the power of electromagnetic fields by sending magnetic energy into the body, pulsed electro-magnetic field (PEMF) therapy stimulates the body’s natural recovery process to bring about profound physical and emotional healing.

Working with me at Wellsprings Wellness Center, Binyamin and his family underwent four months of PEMF therapy. Overcoming long-held traumas, they were filled with renewed confidence, elevated energy levels and stronger family connections.

Here, Binyamin* shares his healing journey with PEMF therapy and why you can experience the same extraordinary benefits.


Binyamin’s Story

“My wife and I had difficult childhoods. We had experienced emotional trauma and didn’t have good support systems growing up, which led to unresolved issues throughout our adult lives. Our child also struggled socially. He couldn’t express himself or make friends.

“We had tried many traditional solutions and seen different healthcare practitioners but didn’t have any meaningful breakthroughs. We longed to have more energy and presence, to heal emotionally and physically.

“My wife did some research and discovered the Wellsprings Wellness Center. Open to new modalities, we booked in for sessions of PEMF therapy with Dr. Rena.

“Our experience at Wellsprings was incredible. We received such wonderful care and the atmosphere was so uplifting. What was so great for the children was that the therapy didn’t involve talking so they did not have to relive any painful memories. We had sessions for about four months and afterwards, my family felt so much better—both individually and as a unit.

“It put me in an entirely new place. I’d just started my new business and probably wouldn’t have been able to do so successfully without the PEMF therapy. It gave me the headspace, focus and stamina I needed to build up a successful business.

“Our child rediscovered his confidence and opened up. A family friend we had not seen for a while even remarked that our child was like a totally new kid.

“What’s so amazing is that the results are lasting. Once you have completed your course of PEMF therapy, you don’t need to do it again. You heal from the inside out; it’s not just a Band Aid. Trauma literally stores in the body at a cellular level. The mind stores information and awareness. PEMF therapy brings the mind and body into balance, allowing the mind to be more present in the moment.

“I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend PEMF therapy to anyone. It has transformed my family’s lives for the better. If you’ve got a physical complaint or are suffering emotionally, PEMF therapy can really help you heal and move forward.”


PEMF Therapy: What Science Says

By repairing your cells, PEMF therapy doesn’t just treat symptoms, it gets to the root cause of your condition. Numerous studies show that it’s successful in helping with the following conditions:

Alleviating arthritic pain and improving physical function

Treating musculoskeletal chronic pain

Anxiety, panic and post-traumatic stress disorders

Inflammation, weight issues, autoimmune diseases

With a holistic approach to health and natural healing, Wellsprings Wellness Center is dedicated to helping you live a healthier and happier life. Experience cellular repair and rejuvenation with Wellspring’s life-changing PEMF therapy.

Call today to reserve your introductory appointment: (845) 270-3352.

*Name changed for privacy

Dr. Rena Schleifer, PhD, has been providing nutritional support and lifestyle management for chronic and acute conditions for over 30 years. Today’s challenges require new solutions. Call and make your introductory appointment and experience how PEMF can help you. Call 845-270-3352 or email [email protected]. Ask about our limited time BOGO special!

Visit www.Wellspringswellnesscenter.com.

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