June 21, 2024
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June 21, 2024
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How to Get in Shape Before the Wedding

Dear Jenn, Due to the COVID pandemic my daughter’s wedding was postponed twice. Both my daughter and her fiancée did not want a COVID socially distanced wedding and agreed to wait it out. During this waiting period, I gained about 15 lbs, and now it has been decided to have the wedding right after the chagim.

To make matters worse, pre-COVID, I purchased a truly lovely and expensive dress, which was altered to fit—and now it does not fit. I have been trying to cut back, and eat better, but the weight is not coming off.…Can you offer some suggestions other than buying a new dress?


Mother of the bride

Dear Mother of the bride:

I can only imagine the stress you felt having to put off a wedding not once, but twice and not knowing when it would finally happen.The pandemic was truly an unsettling time and many people gained an average of 15+ pounds. In addition, the Jewish holiday season is filled with joyful and festive meals. Do not despair, there is still time to achieve your desired weight and fit into that beautiful dress!

Here are some helpful weight loss tips:

Keep A Journal or Food Diary. Be honest with your records even if you know an item was not the best choice. Note time of day and specific amount of food eaten, and how you felt before and after a meal or snack. This way you can reflect on your eating pattern, food related behaviors and tweak your diet to help get results.

Count Calories and note in your diary. Familiarize yourself with caloric values of foods and beverages. You might be surprised that some foods are higher and /or lower in calories than expected. If you can calculate how many calories you are currently consuming, reduce by 300-500 calories daily. This will help take off the pounds, but it is a process.

Control Portion Size. Think in terms of portions like; 1 cup, 1/2cup, 1 slice, 1 medium chicken breast, 1 small potato, ½ of a large potato, and the size of your palm for protein items. Pay attention to the caloric value for one portion size. Consider the “Rule of One”—at meals, select ONE PORTION of each food item being served, and no second helpings. Use the same rule for snacks.

Shop and Cook with Your Dress in Mind. There are many diet and low-calorie products. Select those varieties to include in your weight loss diet such as; diet bread, low fat milk and dairy products, low-calorie beverages and even diet dessert items. Consume lean cuts of meat. Remove skin from poultry. Avoid high fat sauces and gravies. Use Pam spray instead of oil to roast or fry foods. Balance your diet with a variety of foods, rich in nutrients that are calorie wise.

Be Active and Exercise. Exercise will jump start your metabolism and help burn off your COVID 15 unwanted weight. However, this must be done consistently. Exercise routines and weight loss diets are “teammates” in weight loss challenges. Select fitness routines you enjoy—commit to working out.

Final Thoughts. Be mindful of eating behaviors, keep well hydrated, get enough rest and sleep, credit yourself for sincere effort, and try not to stress—you can do it!

There are other factors that affect weight gain and loss. Certain medical conditions and/or medications can interfere with appetite and metabolism. For uncomplicated weight loss situations, reducing daily caloric intake and increasing expenditure is sound advice, but not always easy to accomplish.

For further assistance in weight control and /or other diet related health conditions and lifestyle management issues, Nutrition Transformations is here for you. We will educate, encourage, and empower you to take control of your life, health and future. Give us a call.

Please contact me with any fitness or nutrition questions and I will be happy to answer them.

Jennifer B. Chapler MS,RD,CDN is the founder of Nutrition Transformations. Contact her at www.Nu-transform.com  or [email protected]

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