April 16, 2024
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April 16, 2024
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How to Inspire Your Child to Read

From a young age I loved books, but I did not enjoy reading independently. I thought books were magical only when adults read them to me. As I reached adulthood my love for books and my attitude toward reading independently blossomed. I attribute my love for books and of reading to my experiences. Here are some tips I have learned through my childhood, teaching, and parenthood.

Tips to Inspire Your Child
to Love Books and Reading:

Read books to your child from the time he/she is young.

Make reading part of your daily routine. Bedtime is the ideal time because it calms your child and allows you to end the day together in a meaningful way.

Choose books that are humorous and fun to read. If a book is boring to you, chances are your child will not be interested in it either.

Take turns reading the words or use the illustrations to tell your own story. You do not always need to correct your child’s mistakes. If you do correct your child, gently point out the letters, sounds or word he/she misread.

Select books that you loved as a child. Your love for books will shine through and hopefully rub off on your child.

Have books available in your home. You do not need to purchase them. Make going to your local library part of your weekly routine. They are free!

Read books yourself. It is very powerful when your child sees you reading books and enjoying them. It would also be helpful to share some themes from the book you are reading with your child.

Make going to a bookstore a treat. Allow your child to pick out a special book once in a while.

Take your child to library programs. Often your local libraries offer free story times and various educational programs. Take advantage!

Limit the use of your television. Your child will choose books or ask you to read for entertainment purposes. It really does work if your child knows TV is not an option.

Allow your child to listen to books on tape. Audio books can be used at home or in the car. Many libraries have these types of books available.

Play word games. There are tons of words games available, such as Scrabble, Boggle, Bananagrams, Words with Friends, or you can make up your own word games with blocks, chalk, shaving cream, sand, or a paper and pencil.

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