June 2, 2024
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June 2, 2024
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Linking Northern and Central NJ, Bronx, Manhattan, Westchester and CT

Hustle and Heart Girls Camp Completes Seventh Season

Hustle and Heart Madness Tournament winners (l-r) Dalia Hoffer, Gaby Hoffer, Galil Neuer and Tiferet Ciner.

(Hustle and Heart) Summer 2023 ended on a high for Yeshiva League girls as the top players came together for the yearly Hustle & Heart five-day camp. This year, girls came not only from the tri-state area (28 different schools), but also from Baltimore and Silver Spring, Maryland; Cleveland and Cincinnati, Ohio; and Toronto, Canada! Coaches from the Yeshiva League (HAFTR, JEC, North Shore, RYNJ, SAR and SKA), Stern College, Stern College players and top trainers around the tri-state area—including a top high school girls trainer from Maine—led the training and the girls worked hard in drills, clinics and league games to get ready for the upcoming season.

Congrats to the following local players on winning these awards:

Camp All Stars

Nava Rosenfield (WDS)

Emma Leiberman and Kayla Schwebel (Moriah)

Hannah Ashendorf, Batsheva Buchwald, Orly Hoffer, Tehila Teitelman (Noam)

Lea Markowitz (Yavneh)

Natalie Safdieh (Ramaz)

Jackie Carter, Gaby Hoffer, Orli Scharf, Sarah Silver (Frisch)

Sydney Fishkin, Clara Rosen (SAR)

Hustle and Heart Award winner.

Defensive Players

Hannah Schulder (Noam)

Layla Nagel, Abby Stamler (Yavneh)

Rae Meyer (Ramaz)

Tiferet Ciner, Eden Citron (Frisch)

Sara Mirwis (Ma’ayanot)

Most Improved Players

Chen Ufberg (WDS)

Samantha Feit, Perri Krauss, Shefa Silverman, Rocky Teplitsky (SAR)

Gabriella Butler, Eliana Fisher, Kayla Nussbaum (Frisch)

Ninth grade 3 vs 3 winners.

Most Outstanding Player

Liat Katz (Noam)

Sophia Heller (Moriah)

Dahlia Steinberg (SAR)

Natalie Solomon (BPY)

Izzy Nadritch (Frisch)

The Hustle & Heart Award

Layla Csillag (Moriah)

Kayla Stein (Yavneh)

Aliza Neiss (RYNJ)

Ayelet Strulowitz (Noam)

Ava Cohen (Ramaz)

Evelyn Fried (Frisch)

Shifra Prager (Ma’ayanot)


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