October 1, 2023
October 1, 2023

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I Want This Look. Which Wig Should I Buy?

When purchasing a wig, one must take into account the overall style they would like to achieve. This is because unlike hair, the hair on the wig is sown into a cap in a specific direction and therefore must be styled accordingly. Having a basic understanding of different types of wigs and how they are made will help buyers better navigate the wig selection process.

A skin top wig, otherwise known as multidirectional wig, is the traditional wig that has been on the market for years. It has a natural looking scalp that mimics the skin on top of one’s head; hence the name skin top. When bangs are cut on these wigs, they have a very natural look. If the client does not want bangs but would like a very natural looking hairline, a thin amount of hair at the very front of the hairline can be taken out and blended into the wig.

For those who can’t take out hair, whether it’s because of religious reasons, thinning hair, or recurring grays but who would still like a very natural looking wig, a lace front or lace top wig is recommended.

A lace top wig is a wig where the top is made by using a thin lace. Hair is ventilated, which is the method of attaching the hair of the wig to the lace. Currently, these wigs lay the flattest to one’s head. Since each hair is ventilated by hand, one hair at a time, the hairline can be traced so that the wig is customized to look just like the client’s hairline. These wigs are delicate and must be treated accordingly.

A lace front wig is very different from a full lace top wig. A lace front is a piece of lace that is attached to just the very front of a regular wig that contains a multi-directional part. The goal of the lace front attachment is to help soften the line from the wig to one’s hairline to make the sheitel appear more natural. They work best for those who want undefined parts, including side and semi off-center parts.

A kippah fall or topper is a hair piece that is worn over one’s hair when down. Clients who try them on are totally amazed at how lightweight, comfortable and natural they appear. One of the best features of a kippah fall is that they can be worn in a pony or bun/updo, which keeps hair off the neck and face. A woman who wears these pieces must be comfortable with showing some of her hair. In order for kippah falls to look most natural, the client’s hair color, length and hair texture should all be similar to the kippah fall.

A Pony Wig/Wonder Wig is a wig with a fully enclosed cap. The hair on this wig is specifically sown in a direction that allows the wearer to wear it up in a very high pony or bun. The hair in the center of the sheitel has a very low density, making it super light on the head and easier to pull back into a pony. The hair around the neckline is inverted or handsewn so that it mimics the natural upsweep look one has with a pony. Generally, these wigs can only be worn in a ponytail because if worn down, the hair of the wig will not lay flat. Customers love that they are able to fully cover their hair while still having all it off their face and neck.

To achieve this look and any look where one desires a very defined straight middle part, a lace top wig is recommended. These wigs lay the flattest to one’s head, and can be customized to one’s hairline, so that the part is flat, seamless and will look most natural.

If you would like a full front or a side bang, then it is best to purchase a skin top wig. These wigs look unbelievably natural when a skilled wig cutter cuts a bang into them. These wigs are durable wigs that can last you many years.

If you would like to wear a pony or have your hair fully up in a bun without showing any of your own hair, a pony wig/fall is perfect for you! If you would like bangs, a pony wig allows for bangs, while a pony fall gives you the ability to wear a headband with your hair comfortably all up.

This look can be achieved very easily and comfortably with either a kippah fall or a pony fall. In this picture I am wearing a pony fall. Those who like to have more of their own hair covered will choose the pony fall, while those who prefer a lighter cap will opt for the kippah fall.

Sari Friedbauer is the owner of Sari’s Wigs. She is a licensed cosmetologist/ hairdresser and a certified wig maker. She is available for consultations and can be reached at (201) 694-5319.

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