June 16, 2024
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June 16, 2024
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Improve Your Health and Wellness With Nutrition Transformations

Nutrition Transformations, an integrated healthcare practice located in Teaneck, provides comprehensive and strategic nutrition counseling, fitness training and wellness coaching, collectively intended to help clients become their best selves.

Jenn Chapler, founder of Nutrition Transformations, says her passion for a healthy lifestyle began when she was in junior high school. Dedicated to her academic success, Chapler says she found herself snacking more and moving less, a combination that resulted in a fifteen-pound weight gain. Unhappy with her new self, she committed to eating healthier and exercising regularly, which helped take off the unwanted weight. For Chapler, the experience was eye- opening. It became clear to her that it was a scientific process and that our lifestyle choices directly impact how we look and feel.

Chapler earned a Bachelor of Science degree in nutrition from Hunter College and a Master of Science in clinical nutrition from New York University. She is a Registered Dietician (RD), a Certified Dietician Nutritionist (CDN) and has certifications in both personal training and health coaching. Her extensive background includes working at medical units with people facing serious illnesses, and at fitness centers, where she has helped people improve their fitness levels and modify their overall health and wellness. Chapler said no matter where she works, the idea that she is making a positive impact on someone’s life is very gratifying.

Each client has a personal story, said Chapler, who aims to help people achieve an optimal health balance that is right for them. A health balance, she says, refers to a healthy nutrition status, an ideal fitness level, emotional equilibrium and resilience. “A maximized health status empowers people to become their best selves,” said Chapler. “This is why at Nutrition Transformations we are so deeply committed to helping our clients reach and sustain an optimal health status through their own personal transformation journey.”

Chapler believes real success comes from a combination of proper nutrition, fitness and wellness. “Diet and physical activity are teammates in health, weight control and maintenance,” she said. At Nutrition Transformations, clients can expect a program which will focus on all three of these criteria, and with the proper accountability, Chapler says you will see noticeable changes in the way you look and feel.

Nutrition Transformations treats clients ages 18 and up. As a seasoned dietician with extensive clinical experience and fitness training, Chapler has had the opportunity to assist many different populations, age groups and cultures to better nutritional health and well-being. Chapler admits it’s a process which she embraces alongside each of her clients. Her motto, “one client at a time,” represents the personalized level of service she offers to everyone that she works with. And the relationship doesn’t end once the goals are met, she said. Nutrition Transformations works to stay connected to make sure clients are successfully maintaining their goals.

The past year has been particularly challenging for many people as far as weight gain and overall lifestyle habits, explained Chapler. Studies show that on average, the American population gained an unprecedented 15+ pounds during the pandemic. For many, their medical conditions worsened due to increased weight gain, leading to serious comorbidities. Chapler also found that for many, working from home allowed for frequent snacking and elevated levels of stress, anxiety and loneliness, which often resulted in emotional eating and binging behaviors.

Nutrition Transformations can help reverse the damage. Chapler understands the struggles associated with weight gain, but assures clients that with the right program, transformation is possible for everyone.

As an experienced dietician who has worked in critical care units, Chapler has successfully helped stabilize patients with elevated blood pressure, diabetes and other diseases. She advocates some form of fitness for mostly everyone, because, she says, the more you build yourself up physically, the better prepared your body is to respond to and recover from disease.

Chapler says it’s the comprehensive health service that sets her company apart. In most cases, people will elect to see a dietician to help with food consumption or a personal trainer to develop a fitness regimen. Chapler does all that and more. Nutrition Transformations addresses health issues in a unique way by coordinating nutrition and fitness regimens. Chapler also works with her clients on identifying poor eating habits. “People have difficulty distinguishing between real hunger, which is the true need for nourishment, and feeling hungry due to lifestyle habits, boredom, anxiety or depression,” she said.

As a dietician, personal trainer and wellness coach, Chapler is a resource for her clients every step of the way. Her kind and motivational personality is exemplary, and her clients attest to her warm and friendly disposition. That’s not to say she won’t push hard when she thinks it’s necessary. She believes that if you don’t like feeling a certain way or looking a certain way, you need to step up to the plate and make some changes. Ultimately, Chapler says a client’s success is her own success, and she feels invested in each person she works with.

For Chapler, there’s a certain level of tranquility that embodies a person who achieves their optimal health balance. Not only will you look better and feel better, but she also believes that those who reach their optimal health balance feel more present and empowered.

Nutrition Transformations welcomes families who are on a transformative journey to work as a group, or even friends who wish to improve their health together using comradeship as a force to help achieve positive results. Chapler also works with businesses that want to offer health services to their staff.

Chapler has more than two decades of experience and expertise empowering thousands of clients to achieve and maintain optimal health and active lifestyles. She is excited to meet new clients who need help on their journey to better health. Chapler will also be writing a bi-weekly column in The Jewish Link where she will answer questions and discuss various relevant topics. For a free phone consultation, please call 718-644-1387. For more information, please visit www.nu-transform.com.

By Andrea Nissel


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