December 3, 2023
December 3, 2023

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Inaugural Runners for Team OHEL and Camp Kaylie Participate in Jerusalem Marathon

(Courtesy of OHEL) A large, passionate and committed Team Ohel and Camp Kaylie, with over 50 runners from Israel and the U.S., ran in this year’s Jerusalem Marathon for the first time, raising money for Camp Kaylie summer scholarships.

While OHEL does not have a permanent presence in Israel, OHEL’s Trauma Team has made frequent trips to Israel in times of tragedy, working with local organizations and providing specialized trauma support in many communities. Many Camp Kaylie alumni study in Israel or have made aliyah over the years.

Before the race, Mor Sapir, a renowned mountain climber and inspirational speaker, told his moving story of how he lost all his fingers yet continues to coach basketball, pursue athletics and literally climb mountains. Team OHEL and Camp Kaylie runners received their race swag and bibs and rallied together to pump each other up for the next day’s race, bonding around a common cause of helping children with special needs enjoy a summer of a lifetime at Camp Kaylie.

With crowds cheering them on, the Team OHEL and Camp Kaylie running squad all successfully completed their races, many with personal bests. OHEL’s Chief Development Officer, Alan Secter led the team in the 10k.

Yossi Gross, Residence Manager at OHEL, said “Running through the streets of Jerusalem inspired me to achieve my personal best (2:12 in the Half). Stepping on the same stones as our forefathers helped push me to the finish line.”

Alan Secter, OHEL’s Chief Development Officer, who also ran the race, commented, “We are very proud of the commitment and dedication shown by the Team OHEL and Camp Kaylie runners in Israel.” Bruce Prince, a Team OHEL veteran, was the top fundraiser for the Jerusalem Marathon.

All proceeds raised from the Jerusalem Marathon help children with special needs attend Camp Kaylie summer camps and recreational programs offered by OHEL.

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